Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work Update!

So the work roller coaster continues....

Last week Michael had an interview with Emeritus Senior Living in Federal Way. The position was for a Maintenance Director. He went in for an interview and the manager was very nice. Michael said he pretty much knew he had the job because not only did the manager have the job responsibilities for him, but also a benefits package. Plus once they were done talking he walked Michael around the facility so he could see the building. He told Michael that he had one more person to interview and no matter what he would call him on Friday to let him know yeah or nay.

Come Friday Michael got a call and got a job offer. We were happy about it because unemployment is quickly coming to an end, but at the same time this job doesn't pay much more than unemployment. In fact once they took out taxes it would have been less than unemployment, but at least it would have been something.

I was a little worried because Michael has a bunch of side painting jobs scheduled for this month and now he was going to have to do all that work on the weekends. But a month of not seeing my husband is something I can deal with if it means he finally has a job.

So Michael first day of orientation was Tuesday. He went in at 9am and around 2pm he came home for lunch with some unsettling news. The nice manager actually turned out to be a complete liar. The job that Michael was hired for was not the job that he was going to end up doing. Michael met with the current Assistant Maintenance Director and he said, "Do you want to know the sugar coated explanation of what you are going to be doing or do you want to know the way it really is?" That was the first bad sign. Then Michael found out that the companies idea of preventative maintenance was preventing maintenance. The facility is falling apart! In certain places it's nice, but that was part of the reason I called the manager a liar. When he took Michael for a walk around the facility he specifically didn't take him to certain areas because they were so bad. Michael found out that the management has completely changed over twice in a year and nothing ever gets done. In fact this facility has been shut down twice in the last year where they can't bring in any new people. Once was due to mold and instead of fixing the roof the cause of the mold they decided to cut out the drywall, put new drywall in, bring in a dehumidifier and call the inspector back on a dry day...shortly after the mold was back.

Michael was also told and given paperwork that said his responsibilities would be to coordinate the work with the vendors and the 3 - 4 employees he would have under him. Oh no....Michael would actually be the one doing the work and his one employee was going to be the laundry lady.

It was just such a sham! Michael told me that everything in his being was telling him to run away. Even the current Assistant Maintenance Director (who's last day was today) said to run away. So needless to say after that fine experience Michael called them back and told them he wouldn't be able to accept the job. I just can't believe how the manager thought he could get away with telling such lies and get away with it. What did he think that Michael would just overlook all the half truths he was told and just settle for the job?

So Michael is back looking for work again. He has been putting his resume out there for months and it's just so irritating that these last couple opportunities have been such let downs. I know that God has something in store for him. When I don't know. What I don't know. He'll just keep trying and putting himself out there in hopes of finding the right job.


Melody said... frustrating! You are right, God does have something. And His timing is always perfect! Praying for you : )