Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today was my first time taking all 3 kiddos by myself to Costco or grocery shopping for that matter.

Here we are right after we got into the store....happy! And thankful we all stayed that way for the whole trip. Owen did have a little teeny meltdown after I wouldn't let him have a firetruck, but that was my fault for venturing over to the area where they have the toys.

I've been so blessed to have Michael home to help since Ella was born, but I feel really good having finally done this by myself. I wasn't even that nervous either. I feel more comfortable with taking care of all 3 of them now. I'm actually really looking forward to when Ella is sitting up enough and she can ride in the cart with Jack and Owen can walk. Although I'm sure when that time comes I'll probably miss her too much and want to wear her. It's hard to explain, but if I haven't worn her for a few days my heart actually aches to have her close.

Anyways back to the major meltdown, no fighting either. I brought snacks so that helped. Owen did say he had to go potty, but thankfully I know that this is just a ploy to get out of the cart. There was NO WAY I was going to take all 3 of them and the cart into the restroom...I knew he was faking it. In fact after we got home he didn't go potty for another 30 minutes. He's a pretty sneaky guy!

I would definitely say it was a complete success. I know that all our trips out won't be, but it was a good starting point!