Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mowich Lake

Michael didn't have any work to do on Monday and since the pass we bought to get into the National Park was good until Friday we decided extend our little vacation and explore another area....Mowich Lake.

This is the view we got to see about half way up the 16 miles of gravel road!!! It's definitely not the most popular area on the mountain, but we were surprised by how many cars were actually up at Mowich Lake...around 20 -30. At one point we had traveled 10 miles without seeing another car. That was right about the time I pulled off for another trail, realized it wasn't the trail we wanted, backed up into a rock, pulled forward, tried to back up again, started freaking out because I thought I got us stuck in the dirt. That's when Michael so calmly said, "Hon, your in neutral!" I love my husband! :)

When we first got there we had a bite to eat.

Then we started off on the trail that took us down by the lake. The water was SO clear and glassy! It was also quite cold outside...high 40's and low 50's.

Of course the boys had to throw rocks in the lake.

The wildflowers are so don't do them justice. The the bugs are crazy up there too. In this particular area I could hear so much buzzing I kept looking around to find the hive. Thankfully we never got stung, but Michael didn't get dive bombed by a few bees.

We only ran into 2 other people while we were on this trail.

A little ways into our walk we took a side trail and went out on a rock island on the lake.

This was only the third or fourth time I've worn Ella facing out. She likes it! I like her facing in better so I can see her face and kiss her cheeks, but she likes to see and reach out and touch things. I did end up turning her around on our walk back since the sun was in her face and she wasn't too happy about that.

It was so nice to get to see the mountain in all it's glory since Saturday was so cloudy.

Since we just extended our vacation and didn't go home we still didn't have the backpack to carry Jack in. He is such a cutie and gets tired so fast. Michael started carrying him, but he's pretty sturdy so it wasn't the most comfortable so we improvised and used Michael's thermal and belt and made this...

Jack LOVED it! In fact when Michael got back to the van he refused to put his legs down. He didn't want to get out he was so comfy! I just need to remember to keep my Moby wrap in the car for times like these.

We ended up walking a little over a mile. We almost made it to the top of the lake. Owen was so tired though so we turned around. We want to take the kids on more and more hikes. They really do love exploring and seeing the beauty around us. We just need to build up to going on longer hikes. On the way home Ella cried the whole 40 minutes it took us to get to pavement and I had such a headache from all the noise. I wouldn't mind going back to Mowich Lake though, but the 16 miles of gravel road is definitely a minus in my book.