Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jack Says His ABC's!

When Owen was little we worked with him a lot on the normal things...counting, ABC's, shapes and colors. Jack though has learned most things from just watching or hearing it from Owen. Jack is VERY verbal for a 2 year old, but he doesn't know those normal things I spoke of earlier. We just haven't worked with him as much. The joys of being a second child and not getting that one on one time I suppose!

I think part of the reason we haven't focused on it is because we haven't really figured out Jack's learning style yet. Owen loves to sit and learn. He just wants to go over things like that again and again. Jack on the other hand likes make believe. He loves to play with his toys and he lives in Buzz & Woody land most of the time. Plus Jack doesn't like to do many things unless it's his idea to do them. In fact he's so difficult in regards to learning I'm really not looking forward to potty training him!

Anyways today while Michael and Owen were out and Ella was sleeping, Jack and I had some good one on one time. I decided to ask him to say his ABC's. It was honestly the first time I ever asked him to say them. He did really good except for getting distracted a bunch of times, but that's Jack. I particularly LOVE how he says 'R' like he's 'ARing' like a pirate!

Oh and just so you know the bruise on his face is from him falling and hitting himself on the bracket of the baby gate. He never even cried! We are seriously going to talk to the Dr. about him not having pain receptors.