Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eating Out!

Tonight we headed to Costco to return the pots and pans that I bought less than 5 months ago. They were already warping and chipping on the bottom. I got new ones and I love them already and I haven't even cooked with them yet. As we were leaving Costco the boys were saying they were hungry and we still had one more stop to make. So we went over to Olive Garden for dinner since Michael received a gift card for his birthday.

We don't eat out at sit down restaurants very often anymore. For one the money and for another we have 3 small children. Children and sit down restaurants don't go together. It was funny because right when we walked in there were these two older ladies that were heading into the bathroom. I followed them in, but they didn't notice, while I was in there they were talking and one of them said, "Wow, they are brave bringing 3 kids to a restaurant....3 SMALL kids at that!"

The kids did really great!!! Our waitress let us order their food right away so it came out with our salad and bread sticks. We did come in before the dinner rush so that helped too. It's funny though the two times we've gone to Olive Garden since having kids they've always segregated us away from everyone else. I think they expect all kids to behave like maniacs!

Ella sat on my lap for a little while playing with her new toy that Ga-Ga got her. We were sitting in this little alcove area so I decided to let her sit (she's doing really well now) on the floor and play for a bit. But...

right after this picture she fell over to the left and hit her head on the wall. Real smart Mom! She was a tough girl though and didn't cry that much. I did go ahead and feed her after that to calm her down. Poor thing! This is only the second time taking the kids to a nice sit down restaurant since Ella was born (the first was the day of Ella's dedication) and it was a really positive experience.