Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Play Area!

We are almost done with the yard! Michael got all the gravel spread around the play area the other day. He still needs to finish putting down the rest of the stones we bought for the boys dirt pile and framing in the left side of the play area.

When we stayed at Ga-Ga & Pa's we took a bucket worth of sand from Pa's truck sandbox. We are going to get a couple more buckets worth, but we knew we would need more than that so we went to Lowe's and got two bags worth. It was enough for the boys to play with. They love the sand!

This is the area that will get worked on next summer. We are going to take the fence down and use the left over stones from the retaining wall to build a stairway to the front yard. Also the chicken wire fence on the right will be a wood fence instead. Our neighbor is really nice and he wants to go in half and half to pay for it.