Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainy Day Family Fun!

A couple months ago I purchased another Groupon for bowling. Can't say how much I love Groupon! We had been saving it to use at just the right time. We knew we needed to use it soon since it expires at the end of the month. This morning when we woke up and it was all rainy and yucky I knew today was the day!

The first time we used a Groupon for bowling it was for an alley in White Center...this one was down in University Place in Tacoma and it was so nice.

Cute cheeser! She just loves to get out and go new places!

First person up was Daddy...he had a slow start. We even had bumpers up and for a while there we thought that Jack just might beat him!

Then Mama's turn....I had a great day bowling. I can never remember what my top score was in the past...I'm thinking it was around 180, but maybe I've gotten over 200 before once.

Owen's turn!

Checking out his ball....this kid LOVES bowling!

Jack's turn...he would just run up drop the ball and run back. This bowling alley must have been recently renovated or I'm just really behind in the world of bowling, but the lanes actually tell you how fast your ball is going. Most of the time Jack's were averaging around 2 MPH! Needless to say we had to wait a LONG time to see if any were going to knock over! But surprisingly he got a really good score for a little guy.

Don't worry Ella wasn't bored during our play time. She had plenty of things to do like sit on the little step up to the lanes.

Call her agent and set up her next photo shoot!

And push the bowling balls back and forth!

Final scores!

Yep...I beat my husband! It was fun going out and I can't wait until I see another Groupon for bowling!