Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Feel Like The Coolest Mom!

Two Saturdays ago my mom and I had a whole day was WONDERFUL! So wonderful I didn't take one picture...we were too busy having fun. Costco was one of our stops and that's where I saw a Halloween costume I wanted for Owen. I didn't end up buying...then. This last Saturday I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped in and bought. You know if you see it at Costco you better buy it right then because the next time you go it will be gone! Anyways this is a really long explanation just so you know where I got the main piece for this craft project.

This is the cardboard hanger that Owen's costume hung on. This piece made the whole project SO much easier!!!

Next I dug in the recycle container and found a popcorn box and cut out two pieces to go on either side.

Then came the paper to cover up the boxes.

Adding some colorful touches. Does it look familiar yet?

Stripes to go on the edges.

Adhering the stripes.

Ta Da!!!! Buzz Lightyear wings!!!

Since Owen got a new costume...he was Buzz last year...I wanted Jack to feel like he got something new since he's going to be Buzz this year. If you don't remember he was Woody last year.

We are still not certain how exactly we are going to attach the wings to his costume. I'm thinking some sort of elastic straps and then he'll wear it like a backpack or we'll do Velcro stripes. Thankfully Halloween is still over a month I'm ahead of the game!