Saturday, September 24, 2011

Unwrapping....Step By Step

Time to take your bandage off!

Show me your muscles first!

Forehead tape removed.

Sock helmet removed....not happy because she had to sit down!

Tape all over the gauze removed.


Daddy unwrapped the gauze.

That little blood spot freaked me out on Wednesday. It wasn't there when we left the hospital, but right after we got home I noticed it. After making a call to the doctor's office they told us not to worry about it unless it kept on bleeding.

All the wrapping gauze removed.

Big incision! Bigger than I thought it would be. Poor baby girl! Thankfully hair grows back!

That is some bad hat hair little lady! Time for a bath!

All clean!

In 4 - 6 weeks those stitches will dissolve on their will be interesting to see how long it takes for her hair to grow back in that area. We did notice that once her hair dried unless you knew what to look for you probably wouldn't even notice it.