Thursday, September 22, 2011

She's A Mess!!!

Here's the little princess this morning! She went to bed last night around 7:45 and slept all the way until 8am. I was really kicking myself for not waking her up and giving her her meds in the middle of the night though. She was in SO much pain this morning that she was shaking and inconsolable when I was just changing her diaper. After I gave her her meds we snuggled and she fell asleep on my chest for about an hour and then was her happy self.

This picture is from the hospital, but I liked how it showed the incision on her belly. If you're wondering why they cut into her stomach it was so they could thread the catheter from her skull to her abdominal cavity. In this picture you can see the steri stripes that are holding it together from the outside....there are stitches on the inside though.

I mention the steri stripes because later on in the day she was laying in my bed when I noticed her messing with her belly. Then I said, "Ella don't itch your belly!" then she hurried up and picked something up and put it on her belly....yep the steri stripes....she had just ripped them off! Seriously girl!

So off to the doctor we went! We were the last appt of the day and of course they were running late. Her appt was at 5:20 and we didn't leave until 6:20! All for a couple steri stripes to be reapplied! Ugh! She's so worth it though! I must say she was not having it! She hated every moment that we were there. In fact the only way I could keep her calm was to snuggle her, pace and sing! I think I probably did that for at least 15 minutes straight.

Here's a closer picture of her incision. It's bigger than I thought would be, but hopefully with some Maderma scar cream it won't be that bad. She's now down for the night, but I will definitely be getting her up once in the night to give her some meds. Hopefully tomorrow she'll start eating better!