Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evening Outside!

On Wednesday when Michael got home from work we ate dinner and then got right to work. More changes...this time to the yard.

We have this little section of dirt at the bottom of our stairs to the backyard that I thought needed a bit revamping. 

Zeke had been up on the deck in his bouncy chair, but that was not cutting it for him. He loves being in on the action.

While Michael worked the kids and I wandered around the yard checking things out. The above picture is our 2 tomato plants in the back....we've never had tomatoes do this well. Michael actually had to reinforce the stake things that were holding them up. In front of the tomatoes are my zucchini...I've already harvested one.

Here is one of my pepper plants. Poor thing needed a drink...don't worry I watered it!

Raspberry bush! This thing was SO tiny last year and it's gotten crazy. The kids and I love coming out and eating fresh berries.

While we were outside the kids had some good love on Zeke time!

Owen showing off his making letters with his body skills....'X' marks the spot!

Ta Da! The bistro table that was in the kitchen now has a new home. Love love love it!

And the whole reason I wanted the table and chairs down there is because we moved the kids new pool (Thanks Ga-Ga) down to the backyard so it won't kill our grass anymore. Now that it's in the backyard I will have to be right there when the kids are in it and I wanted a place to be able to sit and drink my tea.

This is another reason we moved the pool....the kids love having the slide go into the pool.

There was only one towel down in the backyard so when the kids wanted to dry off they had to share.

Ella almost made it without getting wet, but she slipped at the last second. She did great though and didn't even cry.

Snuggle time!

During the kids swimming time Zeke's blanket got downsized from the purple towel to a kitchen towel since the kids were using it to dry off. He is such a 4th child!

Once we came upstairs he was SO mad so I decided to nurse him a bit earlier than normal. After about 20 seconds or so he was out!

Cute sleepy boy!

He only slept for a few minutes while we put the older kids to bed then he woke up to finish eating, pooped and then was down for the count! I love that he just rolls with it!