Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tummy Sleepers!

I used to be freaked out when my kids would sleep on their tummies. When Jack was 3 weeks old he would not sleep! He loved his tummy though and wanted to sleep like that. After talking with a friend and getting some reassurance I started to relax a bit. I still was worried so we started letting him nap on his tummy during the day so I could check on him and feel more comfortable. We recently decided to see if Zeke would like tummy sleeping as well. He can not sleep on his back unswaddled and with all the hot weather we've been having I hate that I have to swaddle him. As it is I have only been dressing him in a onesies at night and we've been making sure his room is cooled down at night so he doesn't get too hot. If Zeke would sleep on his tummy then we wouldn't have to swaddle him and I would feel like he's too hot. So last Thursday I put him on his tummy for one of his naps to see if he would like it....he loved it! He did wake up after about 45 minutes and started to fuss, but I just went over and popped his pacifier back in and then he was off to la la land again. I decided to snap a picture of him and it reminded me of a similar picture I took 4 years ago.

Zeke Russell - 7 weeks old - July 2012

Jackson Daniel - 4 weeks old - July 2008

It's even the same blanket in both pictures and the same furniture. The picture of Jack was taken at my parents house, but since then they've given us that furniture!