Monday, July 30, 2012

Leavin' On A Jet Plane!!!

The kids backpacks came today! Now we just have to wait until it's vacation time.

Owen being his ornery self and now wanting to have his picture know he's too cool for that! One thing you can't see in the pictures are that each backpack has a special zipper pull that goes with the animal. Owen's is a leaf and so is Jack''s a different shaped leaf though.

Jack's zebra also has a little poof of hair on the top and the orange nose is actually corduroy.

Ella's cute owl backpack that I ordered is on back order so I decided to order this doggy one for Zeke when he's older and she will just use it for the trip if her owl doesn't come in time. The doggy zipper pull is a dog bone.

These bags are a perfect size for little kids and at the same time they are quite roomy inside. I think that are going to make perfect carry ons for the kids. Plus they are just stinkin' cute!!!