Friday, April 25, 2014


The Friday after spring break the kids didn't have to go to school because of student led conferences so Michael took the day off so we could have another family fun day. The week before we went to Owen Beach and this time we took the kids bowling. I had bought a Groupon for a bowling alley in Tacoma a few months before that for 4 people to bowl one game and it included the shoes for only $14! We did have to play for one more game and one more pair of shoes so I could bowl, but that was only $6. Family fun day for only $20...not bad! 

This particular alley had been remodeled all except the first 8 lanes. They left those ones older I'm thinking for families with kids. That way the newer ones don't get wrecked! 

Ella Bean wanted to wear her dress that matches her baby doll Lucy. She was quite fancy for a day of bowling!

At first the kids didn't want to use the ramp, but then they thought better! 

I had to get some selfies with my loves! 

I never really thought that Owen looked like me, but I see some similarities here....maybe it's the glasses! 

Pretty girl! 

This guy could barely hold still! 

Michael had a good game...he got 3 strikes! 

Ella was being silly and sitting in this bowling ball holder. She also had a great fact she beat me by 2 points! 

In the end the order was Michael, Ella, Me, Owen and Jack! It was fun! Afterwards we took the kids out to eat at MCD's with a playplace. When we got there Jack yelled....THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!