Saturday, April 19, 2014

Owen Beach!

Last week was spring break for the kids...Michael couldn't take the whole week off, but he did take Friday so we could have a family day. We had two if the weather was sunny and one if it was rainy.

Friday was so nice so it was option number 1....Point Defiance Park.  

It was almost 2 years from the day that we were last on this particular beach. This is where Starr took my belly pictures with Zeke in April 2012. 

Even though it was beautiful out we did make the kids wear their coats. Down by the water it was a little windy. 

Two of my handsome guys! 

It was so clear out....perfect day! 

We spent quite a bit of time down at the water. The kids love to throw rocks. 

Love this man! 

There was actually a group of teenagers that were there on a field trip or something....they actually took off their shoes and got in the water. Brrrrr! 

Almost a real smile! He's really good at the fake cheesy smile right now! 

Owen was at the water almost the entire time throwing rocks. Michael and I were sure that his arms would get tired eventually....nope! 

Zeke would get within inches of the water, pick up a rock and then throw it and it would barely make it into the water. It was hilarious! 

We saw so many boats out enjoying the day as well. 

One speed boat went by and stirred up the surf. The waves got a bit more aggressive and it freaked Zeke 

Nice action shot! 

During this picture Zeke saw his reflection in the camera lens and started saying "baby". 

Toward the end of our time at the beach Owen was at the water throwing rocks, Michael and I were sitting on a huge piece of driftwood, Zeke was playing a game of you pick me up and I'll slide back down the driftwood and Ella and Jack were trying to collect as many cool rocks and pieces of shells they could possibly fit in their pockets! It was great fun!