Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time For Taekwondo!

Back when Ella turned 3 I put her in Taekwondo with the boys. I even bought her a uniform and everything. Then about 2 weeks later she decided it wasn't for her. I sold her uniform to my friend Kim for her son Josiah and figured only the boys would participate. Fast forward 6 months or so and then Logan became interested in joining in with the boys and of course Ella did as well.

This time around I had the girls go a month before I ordered the uniforms.   

On Tuesday when we went to class the were in. Due to growth I just ended up getting Jack a new uniform and then gave his smaller one to Ella. She didn't mind! 

 The newer uniforms have the new logo on them. Jack was checking out Logan's! Eventually they'll all have the new logo. I really should have probably ordered a new uniform for Owen has well....his is getting a little high waterish! 

And because Zeke man didn't want to be left out...he back himself right up to the wall and said, "Eeeeee"!