Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Day Of Spring Break!

Backtracking a bit....on the first day of the kids spring break we had made plans to meet up with Kim and the kids at Steele Lake Park. The kids love the wooden play structure there. Well....we showed up and the play structure is being completely changed so it was shut down for construction! It looks like it's going to be equally as awesome as it was before, but it put a little kink in our plans. When Kim showed up we decided to go to Celebration Park which was just a few miles down the road. 

I've taken the kids to this park's not the greatest, but the fact that we were able to be outside and the sun was shining made up for it! 

I think everyone else in Federal Way had the same idea! The park wasn't crowded right away, but by the time we decided to eat our picnic lunch it was busy! 

It's amazing what a little time out in the fresh air can do for your mood. I love the sun! 

It was also great for the boys to get to play together. They used to see each other almost everyday when we were homeschooling together. Now they only get to see each other on Tuesday's at Taekwondo or on special outings like this. That is the part about sending the boys to public school that makes me the saddest. That and I don't get to see Kim nearly as often either! 

When did he get so big? 

Look hands! Wooooo!!!

This girl was so happy it was warm enough to take her coat off....I made her wear one in the first place and she just detests coats! 

It did end up getting quite warm with the sun shining on us...I'm counting down the days until we're in shorts and tank tops! 

It was a nice morning of playing, eating and spending time with friends. Looking forward to more outings this summer!