Thursday, April 10, 2014


For the last couple of weeks Zeke has seen his Thomas the Train in the garage. We have a bunch of stuff in the garage that's needs to go to my MOPS rummage sale so there really wasn't room to set it up in the garage unless I wanted to park my van outside, but I didn't want to do that. So after hearing his cute little voice ask for the twentieth time I couldn't say no any longer. 

I ended up pushing the coffee table way over so it could fit in the living room. This little man was so happy! 

So was Ella when we could get Zeke off so she could have a turn. 

The only problem with Thomas is the button you have to push to make him go is a bit hard to push and hold down for an almost 2 year old. I was getting really dizzy holding the button down and going around and around. That's when I brought out the masking tape and it did the job. Around and around and around Zeke went! 

Then it was this girls turn to have some fun! 

Don't even ask me what she is doing here, but it looks like some funky hip hop dance to me! 

It wasn't long and Zeke wanted back on so I thought they might both be able to have some fun, but that was when Thomas got really tired! All that non-stop around and around caught up to him and he was done! I had to take the battery out and plug it in. 

Zeke is such a good boy and doesn't get mad about this stuff at all. I just told him Thomas was tired and he needed to take a night-night. Zeke waved and him and said, "Nigh nigh"! and then kissed him!