Saturday, April 12, 2014

Uncorked Canvas - Round Two!

 On Sunday I got to go to Uncorked Canvas again! This time it was for my friend Starr's birthday. It was a private event just for her and her friends. It was great! 

Before we got started Starr snapped this selfie of us. I love it! Good friends are such a treasure! 

Time to paint! 

Since it was a private event Starr got to choose which painting she wanted to do from their gallery. At first she asked for suggestions, but then she decided to pick the painting herself and then keep it a surprise. When Katelyn the teacher of the class revealed it we were all pleased. It's a very pretty picture! 

I really do love painting...more than I thought I would, but the worse part about it is the aching back I end up having. Those little stools with no support for your back are killer! 

Thankfully the sun for this picture was much easier to paint. 

Getting the posts to turn out right took a little planning. 

The clouds were probably the hardest part for everyone. I'm actually really pleased with how my clouds turned out. 

The vineyard was the part I was worried about the most, but I think it ended up looking pretty good. 

All of us ladies with our works of art!

Happy Early Birthday Starr!!!