Saturday, April 26, 2014

Resurrection Sunday!

On Easter Sunday my parents came to church with us and then we all headed down to their house for dinner with family and friends. 

Zeke was exhausted by the time we got there so we took our pictures first so he could take a nap. I had no idea how the other kids clothes were going to look after his nap! 

Our traditional silly Easter picture! 

After nap time we got the kids in the family room so we could give them their baskets. 

Ga-Ga & Aunt Stephie got Easter baskets for all the kids...included our friends Bill & Christina's kids...Caleb, Anna & Addison. 

Ga-Ga also bought the kids their Easter clothes. They all looked so nice! 

Snugly little boy!

These kids seriously did not eat one good thing all day! 

They were pretty strung out on sugar! 

Ella in her cool shades from Ga-Ga. 

Jack & Caleb in their Spiderman shades! 

This guy loves his "chocat"! 

Aunt Stephie got all the kids a shirt with their favorite character on it. Owen isn't really into characters...he's so hard to shop for. They got him Planes and he was very happy! 

Can you tell this guy likes Spiderman? He is a seriously cool dude! 

Zeke of course got a McQueen shirt! He had to wear it that day too! 

Ella chomping on her Reese's carrot! 

Zeke said, "Eeeee" over and over again. He was quite a ham that day! 

Since it had poured down rain the day before Ga-Ga & Pa's backyard was a swamp so we decided to do the egg hunt in the front yard this year. It wasn't bad at all! 

I told Ga-Ga about the color coded egg thing so all the kids got their own color which made it so much easier. Zeke's color was light blue. 

Owen got the orange eggs. 

Jack got to hunt for the dark blue eggs. 

One of the nice things about having each kid look for a specific color it meant we could hide the older kids eggs harder. 

Owen was having a hard time finding his egg in this bush. 

But with a little help he finally saw it! 

Ella of course got to search for the pink eggs! 

All the kids had 6 eggs to find and they were all found in about 4 minutes! 

The weather was so nice in fact a little too bright! 

Zeke only managed to stay in one group picture...he couldn't take it anymore. All the kids had a great time!