Monday, June 9, 2014

Gearing Up!

Since Zeke is now 2 years old we are gearing up for potty training. I definitely know not to push him and I'm not going to go all crazy trying to get him potty trained in a month or anything. Right now it's just about introducing him to the different things he's going to be using. Recently I finally got Zeke to sit on the potty chair...even if it was in his clothes it was a victory! He was very excited that he had a stool to be his little table for his sippy and snack cup. 

A few days later after bath time I thought it would be fun to let Zeke run around naked to see if he noticed when he peed. I also got the potty chair out again. He did sit on it, but not for very long. Plus he kept trying to shove his toys in the potty chair. I kept saying..."Only peepee and poop poop go in the potty!" After a little while he did pee...all over the floor, but he didn't even notice! He really needs to see himself peeing and then he'll start putting that feeling together with what's happening with his body. I did get down a pair of little boy undies for him to wear. Oh my word...he looked so cute in his undies! I'm excited for this new phase and Zeke will have plenty of encouragement from his siblings!