Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ella's Traumatic Tooth Experience!

On June 20th Ella was out playing in the pool and I asked to wiggle her tooth. It had been loose for some time and she had started to complain that it was hurting her. Over the course of a few hours she kept complaining about it, but she really wouldn't let me do anything about it. I tried having the boys explain to her that it doesn't really hurt that bad and it actually hurts more if you leave it in. She finally let me try and I gave it a good push and I heard a little bit of her gums make that cracking sound so I knew it had loosed up a bit. It had just been hanging on by the front a little. She of course started crying and was freaking out and would not open her mouth at all. 

 Later on after complaining and complaining about it we were sitting in bed together and Daddy finally convinced her to let him "clean up" the blood with a tissue and after two tries of cleaning up her tooth was out. 

She was totally shocked it was out!

 Of course it bled at bit and we did have to use a wet tea bag to stop the bleeding, but she was completely fine after that.

 Talk about night and day difference from boys and girls. She is a hysterical mess when it comes to this stuff.  

Bleeding stopped and everything was all right! 

Ella is keeping up with the tradition of being the earliest to do stuff...she was the earliest walker at 10 1/2 months and now she's the earliest one to lose a tooth at 5 years 4 months. She beat Owen by 7 whole months and Jack by more than a year! 

Of course her tooth went right into a cup so it could start "growing" money and we all celebrated with ice cream!