Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Teacher Gifts!

Last year I was much more crafty when it came to the kids' teacher gifts. I had made these cute little pouches that had separate Ziploc pockets, a felt coffee cozy and a Starbucks gift card. The end of the school year just sort of snuck up on me plus I haven't been in a craft mood lately. So what do you do when you want to show your appreciation to your child's teacher and you want it to be clever, fun and useful for them? You look at Pinterest of course!!!! 

I searched for probably a half an hour and just couldn't find anything that would fit both a man and woman....I was going to make different things for different teachers...just bein' real!!! 

I finally ended up just combining two gifts together and making them into one. I found everything at Target....love only having to go to one store! 

I got these cute little boxes with handles from the Target Dollar Spot area....they have some pretty cute stuff in there. Then I bought two bags of 100 Grand candy bars and a Target gift card for $10. I wish I could have given them more money, but our gift fund was running a low since we just had Zeke and Jack's parties and we have Andrew's party coming up this month. 

Last year I bought a big roll of cellophane for making cute Christmas bags and I love having that stuff around. I just wrapped up the boxes....because Lord knows they would not have looked all cute once they made it to school in the boys backpacks! I used my Stampin' Up Tag Punch to make the tag and wrote..."Thanks a Million for keeping me on Target this year!" As you can guess there were 10 - 100 Grand candy bars in the box equaling a million! 

I let Jack pick out which one he wanted for Mr. Heintz since neither of them looked one way or another. I thought the one on the right looked a little more masculine and that's the one he chose. For a last minute I bought the stuff and made them two days before school was out gifts I think they turned out pretty good.