Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Jackson!

I don't know what it is about 7 years old, but for some reason it always seems like this is when you really move in to being a big boy! Jackson has learned so much this year and he's able to do so much more. Even if he thinks he can't he just needs a little coaching and then he realizes that he actually can! It's so wonderful to see his confidence increase with every new thing he can do. Even little things like pouring his own milk or unlocking the van. They are all milestones to be proud of. 

Doing the monkey bars was something that my friend Rachael said would be good for Jack's core strength. He's doing so much better in regards to this. He does still have a bit of trouble with balancing and we are working on getting him to ride his bike, but it's all at his own pace. If he doesn't want to ride then we don't push it, but when he does we practice, practice, practice and then stop when he says so or when we notice that glazed over look in his eyes. Speaking of glazed look....with our new bedtime routine he gets to stay up until his body tells him to go to bed unfortunately he likes to think that his body should be on the same clock as Owen's. Most of the time he could probably go to bed before 9pm, but almost always he ends up staying with Owen. One time Owen was reading under the clubhouse and then he got up and went to bed leaving Jack asleep under the clubhouse. It was so cute! 

One major difference in Jack this year is...I have not seen him give anyone grumpy face nor have I seen him slink around people like he used to when he first started school. He loves school! He loves his teacher, he loves his classmates, he loves running, he loves being read to....were still working on the reading to us part. He'd much rather have a book read to him. He loves doing his long as it doesn't involve cutting and pasting...he always skips over those and finishes those pages last.  

He is still a mess! This kid is the ultimate mess maker. He can mess up a room or his clothes in a flash. When it a picture day I make sure he's not dressed until right before we walk out the door. He is not afraid to get dirty that's for sure. 

He is a food sneaker....we have found him a few times sneaking into the kitchen and helping himself to fruit snacks without asking. His favorite phrase is..."I forgot!" It's one of those things that drives me crazy!!! He has super sensitive tastebuds so even the tiniest amount of pepper will send him running for a drink of water from the bathroom. It cracked me up one time he was freaking out because he thought Nacho Cheese Doritoes were spicy. 

Jack still loves to imagine...he's such a good player. He can play with characters or dress up like a character and just play, play, play. It's such a wonderful quality to have. Jack very rarely every needs to be entertained. He is his own best friend. At the same time he loves to play with others as well and for the most part gets along easily with other kids. He even tries to include kids that other kids don't play with. He has such a tender heart. 

Jackson are such a rough and tough boy, but at the same time the sweetest, tenderest guy too! You have the best baby face...still! When you were little I used to get sad thinking that one day those sweet puff cheeks would be gone, but I'm so happy you still have them. Of course they aren't as chubby, but they are still there and they are super soft. They are my favorite thing to nibble on in the morning when I'm waking you up! 

I love that you love to have special mommy / Jack time. Recently with all your new LEGO's from your party we have been having a lot of that. We both really enjoy putting them together. It's good for your dexterity and you've gotten so much better at following the directions. I'm so proud of how far you've come! 

You are so independent Jack....sometimes it makes it easy for you to be overlooked. Not because we do it on purpose you are just so good at entertaining yourself. You are truly a low maintenance guy! You are absolutely the middle child in our family. Even though you and Ella share that role she is the only girl so she trumps you on that part. I don't think the middle child thing has to be bad though. You are so well rounded! You are good at sharing...yet your can play fine by yourself. You make friends easily, but don't need them to have a good time. You don't mind playing with kids that are littler than you and actually you enjoy helping kids when they need it. You are right where you were meant to be! 

Just the other day I was telling you about the morning when I waited for Daddy to leave for work and then I stood in the downstairs bathroom taking a pregnancy test. You thought the whole peeing part was gross! I told you when I looked at that test and saw that it said I was pregnant again I was truly shocked. I was shocked to find out we were having Owen, but for some reason I think I was even more shocked by you. I guess I thought God had given me my miracle and that was it! I didn't have any idea that he would bless me so many times! You were the only pregnancy that was a 100% shocker for your Daddy! He had no idea! I remember that my pregnancy with you could not get over fast enough. I knew what it was like to be a mommy and have a baby and I just wanted to hold you and kiss you. 9 months was agony. Not that my pregnancy was horrible I just wanted my! And now my baby boy is growing up into a big boy and I'm so proud of you. I love you so much. I love your heart, I love how your mind works, I love how rambunctious you are, I love your energy, I love how God speaks to you heart and how you see the world. 

Jackson Daniel....You are my Jackson, my only make me smile all the time. I hope you know dear how much I love you. You are my Jackson Valentine! 

FYI...That is the song I sing to Jackson every night...I have for years. It's sung to the music of You Are My Sunshine. I actually sing it to all the kids, but Jackson was the first one I sang it too!