Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let's Try This Again!

In 2013 when Ella was 3 years old we got her ears pierced...for the first time! Then last September...a year and and 4 months later she said her earrings were bothering her so Michael took them out. We were so busy getting ready for our Disneyland trip that we completely forgot to put them back in. About 2 weeks later we were actually in Disneyland when I noticed that she didn't have any earrings in and they had already closed up! 

Ever since then I had been asking Ella if she wanted to get them pierced again and she would always grab her ears and say, "NO! It's going to hurt!" I wasn't going to push her I figured when she's ready she'll let me know. Then Logan came to play and she had recently gotten her ears pierced!!! That changed everything!!! Ella has been asking now for over a month. I kept telling her we needed to wait and go with Ga-Ga since she wasn't with us the first time and it was important for Ga-Ga to be there since Ella is the only grand-daughter. Last Friday Ga-Ga came up and we went to the mall....let me just say I'm loving that she's retired!!!! 

We had a little mishap because I had went jogging that morning and took my ID out of my wallet and then forgot to put it back in so while I drove home really quick Ga-Ga took the kids to the playarea. Oops! Ella did tell us she was scared and I told her that sometimes when it feels like were scared it's really more like we are anxious and excited. 

The only thing she insisted on was sitting on my lap...just like she did last time. She honestly remembered that on her own. I had completely forgotten! 

Here's right after they pierced them....the only thing she said was, "Oww"! She's one tough cookie!

Afterwards Ga-Ga treated us to ice cream from Baskin Robbins. 

The first time she got her ears pierced we chose her birthstone this time Ga-Ga noticed these pretty pink butterflies and so that's what Ella chose. They also had a huge clearance section where everything was $1 so I got Ella 2 new pairs of earrings. She's already excited to get to change them out, but she has to wait for 2 months and then I told her she has to always have earrings in. The lady at Claire's was super amazed that they had closed up after her having them for over a year. I guess she's just an overachiever when it comes to healing up!