Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ga-Ga is Tired!

When we moved to Washington in 1986 it was hard. I was only 5 at the time, but I've heard the stories. Dad's business went belly up and he had to come out to Washington to get a job. A job at Boeing that he still currently has and has never once been laid off from. Amazing! Mom had to leave her family behind and start new. Part of that starting new included her going to work so my brother and I didn't have to go to public school. Mom started working at Safeco Insurance in September of 1986. I have been waiting for this day to come for years. And finally on May 22nd 2015 my Mom went into the office for the last time. She actually had been a telecommuter for the last few years so going into the office rarely happened anyway. She got to take her computer back and her co-workers gave her a nice party. 

This is Mom and her boss Nick. Of course she didn't want a party, but I'm so glad they insisted. Even though work had it's ups and downs...and up of course was when I worked at Safeco for 8 years! ;)  Mom's official last day isn't until sometime in June, but she had so much vacation she is just using that right now. 

After leaving the office in Seattle Ga-Ga and Pa came to our house and then they took us out to The Black Bear Diner....the kids favorite place to eat. Yes, I actually think they would choose this over MCD's! Ga-Ga said it still hadn't sunk in that she was retired and I don't think it will for quite awhile. It's just going to feel like she's on vacation. Then one day it will hit her. I bet she'll do a little dance or something. I remember doing that when I realized that I didn't have to go back to work and I got to stay home and live my dream job of being a homemaker. 

One of the funniest things that has happened since Ga-Ga retired is the something the kids said. They understand that Ga-Ga isn't going to be able to buy them everything they want anymore since she's not working. I can't remember who it was, but one of them pipped up and said, "Ga-Ga doesn't have any money anymore...she tired!"