Tuesday, June 30, 2015

He Likes It!!!

This is Owen on his first day of the Summer Learning Program. He was all smiles and ready to go. 

I drive him to the bus stop in the morning because the other 3 or 2 kiddos stay at home...asleep and I want to get back to them as fast as I can. Sometimes Ella or Zeke will wake up and come with us.

Owen loves that he gets to sit in the front seat. He's so chill! 

On the first morning the kids got to mess around with the sunroof. They thought that was pretty cool! 

The first letter that came home from school with the bus schedule on it said his bus would pick him up at 6:59. Well we waited and waited and waited and I finally remembered that they also sent me an email. In the email it said the bus would pick him up at 7:24. Yeah...a bit of a difference. The first week the bus was late pretty much everyday both for pick up and drop off. Now that we are in the second week things are getting figured out. 

Owen is really enjoying the Summer Program. I think it's so great for him. Even if he didn't really need it I would love to sign him up for this every summer. He needs structure and this provides it! He loves that there are no behavior clips that can move up and down, no homework and they get 3 recesses! Plus he gets breakfast and lunch and according to him he gets to eat cake! What more could you ask for?