Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last Day Of School!

Did it seem like this school year just flew by??? 

A couple weeks ago I was looking back at my blog to see what we were doing this time last year. I do that a's fun to see how much the kiddos have changed. Anyways I stumbled across the last day of school and it reminded me how I printed out the first day of school pictures and had the boys hold those for their last day of school pictures. I would have been so upset at myself if I had forgotten! 

Jackson started 1st grade as a 6 year old and finished as a 7 year old. 

Owen had to photo bomb Jack's picture. 

You can see that did not make Jackson happy at all! 

Owen started 2nd grade as a 7 year old and ended as an 8 year old. 

It was a little chilly this you can tell by Jack's expression! 

Here's the whole gang! 

Per tradition I drove the boys to school and walked them to their classrooms. 

Since Jackson's classroom is on the backside of school we stood and waited for Owen's door to open first. 

This is Ms. Davidson...she took over Owen's class from Mrs. Golden at the beginning on the year. Mrs. Golden got a new job at the school. I was worried this might be hard on Owen, but he just went with it. Ms. Davidson is great and she's coming back next year so who knows she might end up being Jack's teacher next year. 

Mr Heintz has been awesome with Jack. At first I thought that a male 1st grade teacher would be all about fun and the kids weren't going to get anything done. I know I totally stereotyped him! His class was great though. Lots of the kids were already reading 2nd grade words. Every time I set foot in his classroom the kids were always so well behaved. Next year he's not going to teach 1st grade he's going to teach 3rd so he might end up being Owen's teacher next year. That would be so much fun! 

While the boys were at school Zeke, Ella and I headed to my chiropractor where I got my back adjusted and then it was back to school to get the boys. This cute boy was running all over the place. 

Can't believe that next year I'll be taking pictures of Ella after her first year of school! 

Ms. Davidson's class was the last one to let out...Owen got a hug in before he left!

On our walk to get Jack he ran into Mrs. Golden...Owen's 2nd grade teacher from September - December last year. I figured we should get a picture with her since Owen just ran into class on the first day of school and I didn't get a good picture of them together. 

Mr. Heintz's class had been let out already so Jackson was waiting over by the car pick up line. 

Since it was Tuesday I thought it would be fun to start our summer break with a trip to IKEA. Before picking up the kids from Smalland Zeke and I needed to go potty. The stall we were in had one of those kids seats. Zeke thought that was cool so I took his picture. Then he said he wanted to take mine....ummm...NO! 

Kids eat free is always so much fun! Of course I try to take pictures when they are trying to eat. 

I thought it was a little funny that we started off the summer with an indoor activity, but it's been so nice already that they've spent lots of time in the pool at home. 

When we got home Jack wanted to get out his trophy he got for being the highest miler in his class and he wanted to wear all his medals. He's actually missing one. He has a half marathon medal, full marathon medal and a second marathon medal. He also used some of his points that he earned at school to buy the Teachers 2nd marathon medal. I'm so proud of all that the boys have accomplished this year. Next year I'll have a 3rd grader, 2nd grader and a Kindergartner!! Crazy!!!