Thursday, July 2, 2015

First Day At The Beach AKA The Worse Sunburn EVER!!!

Since Owen is at school Monday - Thursday we don't usually go and do anything big on those days. On that first week of school when Friday rolled around I packed the kids up and we headed to the beach for the day. 

If I'm gonna take 6 kids...the neighbor boys the beach we are going to set up and plan on staying for quite awhile! Later on the when the lifeguards came on duty I had to take our umbrella down since it blocked their view of the beach. Oh well....I love that they are there and watching out for our kiddos so I took it right down! 

At first Zeke just played with the sand toys. 

Owen and the neighbor boys got right in the water. When we first got there around 10:30 there was barely anyone else there. 

Last year at the Mill Creek Garage Sales I found life jackets for the three younger kids. Kim had some for her boys last year and I had just never thought about that. It was so nice having them though. Ella wasn't really interested in the water, but Jack loved his and he had so much fun swimming around with it. 

Chilling out in the shade! 

I love just sitting here and watching them play. They entertain themselves so well. In fact Michael asked me how on earth I could just sit at the beach for 4 hours....he is sure he would get so bored. The thing is time goes so fast when you are there. I love it! 

I laid like this pretty much the whole time we were there...hence the title of this post. Dominic found that dollar bill in the lake so we were letting it dry. Later on we had lunch and then the kids got to go to the snack shack and buy some ice creams....always the most favorite part of the trip! 

Owen trying to make his river. He had a rough time for a bit and needed a good talking to. He lets himself get stuck in this "whoa is me" attitude and it drives me crazy. He straightened out though! 

Donald and Dominic were so sweet they brought chips to share and an ice tea for me! I truly enjoy bringing them along. They are such big helpers and they love to play with the kids. They can fight like cats and dogs at our house, but for some reason at the beach they always get along. 

Back at work!

I'm not sure why Ella was more leery of the water this time, but she was just happier on the beach. 

She really wanted me to bury her and then she had fun busting out! 

Zeke man was so adventurous. He did not want his life jacket on at all so I was down at the water the whole time with him. 

Dominic was trying to coax him to come out and he would walk out to him, almost touch him and then turn around and run away. 

He thought that was so funny! 

Since I was down by the water Ella got courageous enough to come down and play in the surf. 

By this time the beach was really filling up. There was a whole group of kids from the YMCA and then all the other beachgoers. I started to pack up our stuff and told the kids were would leave in a half and hour. We ended up being at the beach for 4 hours! When we got home everyone was pooped! Since it was a Friday the kids got to go on electronics and I went upstairs to lay in bed. I noticed that my legs felt really the beach they felt fine. I also made sure I applied sunscreen once before we left and then again while we were there. I did the same for the kids as well. 

That's when I looked down and noticed that I looked like a lobster! 

This is the picture I uploaded to FB. I got a lot of posts that said OUCH! Yeah it was a major ouch. I spent some time browsing Pinterest looking for home remedies. I tried white stung at first, but then helped with the itching. Then I got some ice tea and wet paper towels and laid those on my legs. That really helped cool them down. Then I found out you don't have to put lavender oil in a glass bottle so I mixed that with water and started spraying my legs. That felt the best so I kept using that. The first night I slept horribly...I'm a half side  half stomach sleeper so having to sleep on my back was not the greatest. Also I couldn't even bend my legs they hurt so bad. The next day I cleaned my brother and SIL's house and then we had my Dad's birthday party. It was so hot just going outside in the heat...not even in direct hurt so bad I wanted to cry. Needless to say I spent almost the whole party indoors in the air conditioning. This is one lesson I have learned....painfully!