Friday, July 10, 2015

Lazy Days Of Summer!

With Owen being in school 4 days a week we have been staying pretty close to home. It's been way different from other summers, but actually quite nice! I'm being forced to slow down and I need that sometimes. Being home doesn't mean that no fun is going on though. 

We have been outside enjoying this beautifully hot weather almost everyday! 

I have been mindful of the kids getting too much sun though so we did make a trip to the library and snagged a bunch of new Star Wars & Ninjago Easy Reader Books. Jackson is reading to Zeke in his little tent. 

Owen could sit and read for hours! I love that!!! I also love that he's reading chapter books! 

Cutie boys! 

Ella Bean is such a water girl! She has been living in the pool and she's also as brown as as biscuit to prove it! 

After having a little tent I decided to help the kids out and make them a bigger tent using more lawn furniture and beach towels. 

Then we went all out and made a mega tent using the sandbox lid! Life is good!