Monday, July 20, 2015

Round Two!

Last Thursday we decided to use the other two Groupons we purchased for the Family Fun Center. This time Michael left work a little early so he got to have fun too! 

The first thing we did was let the kids play on the playground inside. It's called's like a McDonald's playground on steroids. I knew the older kids would have fun, but it was so big I wasn't sure if Zeke would even play. He gets intimidated by other big kids when playing in these types of areas. He also needed to go potty so I took him potty and then we came back to sit with Daddy while the kids played. He started to seem a little interested so I asked the attendant if we could see if he'd play and then I'd pay the points for him. She asked how old he was and I said 3 and then she said...we'll just pretend he's 2! So he got to go have fun and we didn't even have to use any points for him. He LOVED it! He's never had that much fun playing in one of these things. 

It was hard to get a picture of the structure because it was so massive and there were other rides in front of it. It was great fun though and I think we might just come and pay to play on it sometime this fall when it's all rainy and yucky out! 

The second thing that we wanted to do was go on the go carts, but there were a couple hiccups. The fun center actually has two different kinds of go carts...regular fast ones and then littler ones called Traffic School. We figured that the 3 younger ones would go to Traffic School and then Michael and Owen would go on the bigger go carts. The first hiccup was the fact that the fun center has a 10 inch gap in height where if you fall in that gap you can't drive anything. Traffic School goes up to 48 inches, but then you can't drive the big go carts until you are 58 inches. Silly I know! So Owen was going to have to be a passenger with Michael and as you can imagine he was not happy about that at all. The other hiccup was that Traffic School was hilarious! The cars were SOOOOO slow. I mean super slow...slower than the kids power wheels on the slow setting. That just seemed like a waste of points to me so then we thought that Michael would take all 3 bigger kids on the big go carts. I figured since they let me ride on the carousal the week before without using points...since the kids were too small to go by themselves...I thought that they might not charge Michael to drive the go cart 3 times. I figured they would charge him once though. Nope...they would have to charge him all 3 times so just for him to go it was going to be 90 points and then another 12 points per kid on top of that. Nevermind then! 

So we headed over to the bumper boats instead! 

We were going to stay and watch Owen and Jack have fun, but then I thought I would take Ella and Zeke over to Kid Town so they could each go on a ride and then we'd meet back up with the bigger boys. 

Zeke wanted to go on the planes again. 

At first he said he wanted a blue plane, but then he changed his mind to green. While he was riding around and around I happened to read the requirements for the ride and noticed that you have to 40 inches tall to ride this ride alone! I guess they don't really worry about that since Zeke isn't even tall enough to go into the IKEA smalland yet and you only have to be 37 inches to go in there. 

Ella wanted to try something new...she was the only kid on the swings! 

Of course I asked Zeke if he wanted to go on the swings with Ella, but he chose the planes instead...then of course when he saw her on the swings he wanted to go. 

Once we were finished we went back over to meet up with the boys. Owen had said he wanted to go on the screamin' swing with Daddy. 

I think he's nuts, but at the same time I'm happy he's up for doing this stuff at such a young age. There is NO way I would do that ride now let alone at 8 years old! 

Off they go! 

This is fun! 

Getting higher! 

This was about the height where Owen's face changed and I honestly thought dinner was on it's way up. I was laughing so hard thinking Michael was going to get sprayed in the face! 

Thankfully he held it together and when it was over he said something along the lines of...That was totally awesome!!! 

The week before when we came Jack really wanted to play mini golf with me, but no one else did! So...I told him that we'd play together just him and I when we came the next time. There are two different courses to take...we chose the arctic one. 

My sweet boy who LOVES alone time with Mommy! 

I tried to teach Jack the proper stance and how to just move your arms and not your legs, but it was not working. He just has his own style...think Happy Gilmore! It was tons of fun though! 

When we were done we joined the other kids again at Kidopolis and let them all play for a good long while. Then we had enough points for them to each do one last ride together. 

The kids really wanted to do the Frog Hopper. It was right outside of Kidopolis and Michael and I had seen it run many times and it seriously looked painful. Up, down, up down....all jerky like, but the kids wanted to ride it! On the way up Michael said to the kids....It's been nice knowing you! The kids thought that Daddy was so funny! 

Most of pictures looks just like this one since it was so jerky! The funniest thing was Zeke is such a shorty his head almost hit the bar that comes down to hold them in every time...thankfully it was padded! 

They loved every bit of it...laughing and smiling the whole time! The best part was the guy running the ride asked if they wanted to go again and of course they said he started the ride over for them! So much fun! This time around it cost us $36, but we had over 2 hours of fun together as a family so it was absolutely worth it!