Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free Groupon! - Part 1 Of What You Can Do In 24 Hours!

Last week my friend Christina sent me a message saying that she had a Groupon she wasn't going to be able to use. It was for Bullwinkles Family Fun Center. We have 4 children and we have never gone! The biggest reason is probably money so this was a perfect excuse to get to go. I did go on Groupon to see if they still had the same coupon and they did so I decided to buy a second one for us just in case the first wouldn't be enough. It was only $18 so that wasn't all that bad. I knew that I didn't want to actually spend any money while we were there so I made pizza for dinner and talked with the kids about not getting any food while we were there. Michael was supposed to come with us, but he ended up having to work overtime due to a service that needed fixing. 

We got to the fun center around 6pm and went right to the front desk to get our Groupon. I just redeemed Christina's Groupon since I wasn't sure I'd want to use both all by myself. Each Groupon gave us 150 points to use on rides. 

 One other thing I talked with the kids about was being patient since they weren't all going to be able to ride on everything. 

The first ride the bigger boys chose was the Bumper Boats.

The night we went on was Thursday night and it was super was awesome!

Owen and Jack were the only ones in the pool for the bumper boats. It was nice since it was their first time. They just had to worry about each other and not getting soaked by a bunch of strangers! 

I wasn't sure how the boys would do with driving the boats, but they did great. I had actually forgotten about the sprayers...I just thought you ran into each other like regular bumper boats. 

Ella, Zeke and I went over to the spectator area to was a bit bright! 

Ella Bean would live in this tank top if I let her! 

Owen was really good at using the sprayer and was just pelting Jack! 

Barely a drop of water on this guy! 

Soaking wet!!! At least he wasn't mad about it! 

I love that they are getting older so they can do this stuff! 

Next we went over to Kid Town. They don't have the scanners to scan the card they give you with your points on it so we had to go to the ticket booth and "purchase" two red tickets using our card. She just deducted 12 points per ticket from our card. 

Ella and Zeke both wanted to ride the carousel. 

Zeke hasn't really been crazy about rides so I wasn't sure he'd even want to go, but he was all for it! 

Ella had her horse all picked out before we even got on the ride. She loved the yellow hair! 

Precious boy! 

While I rode on the carousal with Ella and Zeke, Jack and Owen sat on a bench right next to the ride so I could see them. Every time we went around Jack would smile and wave to was so cute! 

The next thing the boys wanted to do was jump on the big trampolines. While we were standing in line I saw that the minimum weight was 40lbs and they weight EVERY rider. I was super worried that Owen wouldn't make it! That kid is skinny! At the Dr's he's weighed in at 47lbs, but this wasn't a Dr scale so I had no idea how accurate it would be. 

All strapped in! 

Jack's strap kept falling down and it was worrying me, but then once they get ready to let the kids jump they actually pull the straps so they are more taunt. 

Trying so hard to flip over! Neither of them were able to flip over. I remember trying to flip when I jumped on these many moons ago, but I couldn't flip over either! 

Jumping up and down and up and down and up and down....

will make you really hot, sweaty and thirsty!!! 

For Ella and Zeke's next ride they wanted to go on the airplanes they saw in Kid Town. Back to the ticket booth we went to get 2 more red tickets. I asked if they had a drinking fountain inside and she said we could get free ice water. She did mention that Kid Town would be closing in a few minutes so we should do the ride first. I was so happy she mentioned that...Ella and Zeke would have been so disappointed if they had missed out! 

Cute little aviator!!

Since it was right before closing they were the only ones on the ride. 

I don't know if the workers give the kids extra time if they are the only ones riding and no one else is in line, but it did seem like the guy gave them a good amount of time. 

After the planes we went in and got ice water. We only had 2 points left on our card and I really wanted Michael to be able to come have fun with us so I decided to not use our second Groupon. The kids and I walked around the inside of the building to see what they would like to go on the next time we came. Even though they each only got to go on 2 rides they didn't complain. I had talked with them about how we will come back again and it's fun to have things that we haven't done so we'll have new stuff to do the next time. All in all we didn't spend any money and we had about a hour and a half of fun! The next day I decided to buy another Groupon so went we go with Michael we'll have 300 points. We even got a point list so we know how many points each ride is so we have our rides all planned out the next time we go. 

Thank you Christina... for giving us a fun free family night. After Mount Rainier we definitely needed a positive family experience!!!