Saturday, July 25, 2015

Now That's A Bunch Of Berries!!!

Last year I made some blackberry syrup and gave most of it away to friends and Michael's co-workers. Shortly and I do mean shortly afterwards Michael got the containers back from his co-workers and they were asking for more. Too bad blackberry season was over! This year I plan to make as many batches as I can. It's really not hard just a little time consuming and messy, but it tastes so good so it's worth it. 

I figured if I was going to make a batch I might as well double it so in order to do that I needed 12 cups of berries. I grabbed a big bowl and figured if I filled it to the brim it should be good. First off I was totally shocked there was actually that many berries to be picked around this time. I don't think we've ever picked blackberries this early in the season. It usually seems like we are picking them towards the end of August! Anyways after probably a good half and hour, a few scraps in my legs and some purple colored fingers later I had a full bowl of berries! I washed them and measured them and I actually had more than I needed. I had enough for syrup and a big cereal bowl full for the kids to eat. 

After cooking the berries with sugar, corn syrup and vanilla I blended it in the blender, strained it and got a ton of syrup. Look at how close to the top that syrup's almost as full as it was when it was just berries. Crazy! 

I was able to fill 6 containers with my yummy syrup! I need to make a trip to IKEA to get these fun containers they have that would be perfect for syrup...they are only $3.99. Of course I will be giving away 4 of these...two to Michael's co-workers, one to my neighbor and one to my brother. I'm definitely going to see if I can make a double batch again since it's a long time between seasons! 

A few days later I made waffles for the kids and I and it was so delicious!