Monday, July 27, 2015

It's Official...All 4 Of Our Kids Have Had Stitches!!!

On Thursday July 23rd I guess fate was telling us that it had just been too long since we took a trip to the ER. The kids were playing upstairs like usual right before bed and then we heard a thunk. That's not uncommon either. They just from the clubhouse or the bunk bed and sound like they are going to crash right through the floor all the time. This particular thunk was followed by a short, but loud know the cry where you cry at first and then don't cry because you are too busy sucking in all the air in the room before you actually start wailing. Yeah that cry! Michael ran upstairs to get Zeke and then I heard him saying, "Oh dear!". That's when I said..."Is he bleeding?". To which he replied, "Oh yeah!". Great here we go! 

We got towel and a little ice pack. The bleeding stopped almost right away and then I went and got some neosporin and some steri strips. I had the steri strips leftover from Ella's Hydrocephalus surgery when she pulled her steri strips off her tummy and they gave me extra ones to be able to put them on at home. I was trying to put them on, but the position of the cut was just too difficult to get them on and I noticed that it actually was a pretty open cut. I didn't quite think he'd need stitches, but at less butterfly bandaids or something. 

Since it was just a simple procedure I decided to not drive to Tacoma and just go to St. Francis since it's closer. Thankfully they put us on the fast track. We were in triage at 8:45 and then being called back to the room by 9:45...not bad really! 

Of course like all the other times I've taken Zeke to the ER he was happy as a clam! 

He was also running on fumes so keeping him happy in the waiting room and then in the exam room was a bit challenging. He wanted to stand up on the chair or the table and he would just not sit still. I let him look at all the pictures on my camera and then I let him watch a show on Netflix, but once we got back to the exam room my phone wouldn't reception. 

That's when I searched my purse and to my surprise I had 3 chocolate oatmeal granola bars! Score!!! The Dr came and cleaned the wound since it had bled a bit more. He said we had three options....just let it heal on it's own and he'll have a pretty good scar, glue it and hope it stays, or put in two stitches. At first I was leaning towards gluing it, but then I remember when he had come to St Francis around 8 years ago with Owen and they glued his lip and he ripped it off in 20 seconds. The Dr agreed that since he was so active stitches would be the best and most effective route. 

Because of the proximity of the cut being so close to his eye they didn't use the numbing cream prior to the shot. So they wrapped him like a burrito which surprisingly he thought was a super fun game. Once the shot came he wasn't smiling though. There was guy holding his head, a lady holding his arms and I was holding his legs. He was crying pretty good, but not like freak out crying. The guy at his head said that it was normally way louder than this. Once he was out of the burrito and I could hold him he calmed down real quickly. 

The nurse was able to find a cute bandaid and we were on our way. 

The next morning he wanted to take a shower with me so I took off the bandaid and tried to get a picture of the stitches. 

He is such a mover it was really hard though. I was actually surprised that his eye didn't look worse and wasn't swollen more. Later on in the shower I finally got the whole story to what happen. The other kids weren't in the playroom so they hadn't seen it happen and Zeke was too emotional the night before. In the shower he told me he tripped and fell on the table that Owen likes to make his set ups on....AKA the small black IKEA table. He then went on to demonstrate in the shower and bonked his head on one of the shelves in the shower....crazy kid!