Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lost...Not Found!

The day before we went to IKEA and bought the baskets for our new entryway cabinet I had been trying to get Ella to let me pull her second tooth. Pull is even too extreme of a was hanging on barely! She would NOT have it. She kept saying she didn't want it to fall if she could will it to stay in her mouth. This is after her first tooth "grew" her $6.24 mind you! This girl is NOT motivated by money...or candy...or movies or anything thing else. She is super STUBBORN!!! 

After trying and trying every way I knew how I finally told her that she had a choice either she was going to pull it out by the next night or we were going to. 

Fast forward to the next day and we are at IKEA and we've finished lunch and are now waiting in line to go to Smalland and she just casually says..."Mama is my tooth still there?"  

"No...Darling it's not!" 

I had warned her that this might happen. That she might swallow it while she was eating, but that didn't make a difference. She also didn't seem that bummed that she wasn't going to have a tooth to put in a cup and 'grow' her more money. This girl is crazy! 

Now Ella and Jack have officially lost the same amount of teeth and Ella's adult teeth are already about a quarter of the way grown in. She's only 5!!!