Saturday, July 18, 2015

WildWood & Angle Lake Park - Part 3 Of What You Can Do In 24 Hours!

Immediately after bowling we hopped in the van and drove about 8 minutes away to Wildwood Park in Puyallup. My friend Christina had told me about this park and Bradley Lake, but the last time we chose to go to Bradley Lake so it was time to check out this one. Oh my this park! First off it's just a couple of minutes from South Hill Mall, but you'd think you were far out in the woods at a campground. The park is huge and the drive to get the playground is all curvy and takes a few minutes to get to. 

This was the first thing we saw when we turned into the parking area for the playground. That's when Jack and Owen said, "We've been here before with Pa and Dada!" 

Nothing says climb me like a big hill with trees and a waterfall! 

Look Mama!!! 

Flip flops don't hold her back! 

They went to the top of the waterfall and started tossing in leaves so they could watch the current take them over the falls. 

This is his "This is the best day ever" smile!

After playing around the water for a bit we sat down at the covered area to eat lunch and of course enjoy the treats they bought themselves the day before at The Dollar Tree. Owen got those Sour Punch Straws! This planned worked great as the kids didn't once ask to buy candy, nachos or soda while we were there. They did get thirsty and you're not supposed to bring in outside food or drink so I did go into the restaurant and got us free ice water. 

Jack got these Sponge Bob Fun Dips...there were 7 in one pack! 

Ella got a box of Swedish Fish! 

Zeke got a whole bag of Smarties! 

After eating lunch and treats it was back to exploring. Jack was very insistent on me taking a picture of him at the bottom of the falls. 

Of course Ella is his little shadow right now so she was right there. They can talk so nasty to each other sometimes, but they are also playing together constantly. It's a love/hate thing! 

We took some of the trails across the little river and climbed up above the playarea. 

Back to the water to watch more stuff be carried down by the current. 

Trying to figure out which way to go! 

Running down the hill so fast they almost fell in the stream! 

Finding fun covered areas. Owen and Jack had been trying to find this particular structure they remembered seeing with Pa and Dada and at one point Jack got all excited and said, "This is the way...this is the way, the truth and the life!" Such a cutie! 

They had some great covered areas that you could barbecue in. 

More exploring! 

They really only played on the play structure for a few minutes in comparison to how much they played with nature. Love it! 

See...stuck to each others sides! 

Showing off his mad skills! So proud of this boy and his determination to get those tummy muscles working in his favor! 

Wahoo...I'm a monkey! 

Take a picture Mom! 


Everybody, but Ella went down this slide.

It wasn't super crazy or anything...I think the boys only went down once. 

Zeke went down all on his own! 

For his cute little body it flipped him over and he tumbled down barely catching himself before the bottom. I'm pretty sure that's why he only went once! 

On the far side of the play structure we saw another bridge upstream and just had to go check it out. 

It led to this culvert where the water for the river came from. 

We got to the park around 12:30 and by this point it was 2:15ish so it was time for a couple more pictures with my cuties and then we needed to go. 

Ella and her fingers in her mouth! 

My adventurous boys! 

We got home for this adventure around 2:45 and we had to leave for our next adventure at 3:30. Ella's friend London's birthday party was at Angle Lake. Of course for days prior to the party it was 90 degrees, but on the day of her party it was only 65. The kids of course still went in the lake! London's Dad...Mr Sean took them down while I chatting with her Mom...Ms Renee. We ate pizza, had cake, watched London open her presents and had talks about how they aren't old enough to run off to the play ground on the other side of the park without asking me! Sheesh! While London was opening her presents I could tell the kids were getting to the breaking point. Owen's lips were blue from being in the lake and Ella was on the verge. I packed up while she was opening presents and then we headed out immediately after that. I was so glad I did that. About 2 blocks from the park Ella started crying that she was cold and she wanted the air conditioning on. I tried explaining that she didn't want that on if she was cold. I didn't want to turn the heater on either because the car was already pretty warm from sitting in the parking lot. She was just a big hot mess! We got home around 6ish and Ella went straight to bed and slept until 7am the next morning! Our 24 hours of fun was so exhausting, but so much fun! 


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What fun : ) : ) : ) We love Wildwood Park!!!