Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mama's Boys

My boys....oh how I love them and oh how I'm trying to raise them to be strong independent young men. Lately the boys have both really struggled with separation anxiety unless they are left with Daddy or Ga-Ga & Pa. Other than that they both become very emotional about Mama leaving. With MOPS starting up recently and us trying to make it to church on a more regular basis this has definitely put a damper on things for Mama. On Sunday I tried staying in the nursery and playing with them for a while before I left so it wasn't such a shock, but it totally backfired. I think I got to sing one song before the nursery coordinator (my good friend Lori) came walking out holding Owen by the hand and Jack in her arms. They were both a mess!
So my fellow moms have you ever gone through the same situation? Do you have any pointers? This summer I have spent a ton of time with the boys and since I'm a SAHM I don't really leave them that often. I'm hoping this is just an phase and once they've been put in the nursery a few more times they will get used to it. One thing I've tried to help them understand is that even though Mama leaves I always come back.