Monday, September 28, 2009

Think Pink!

It's a healthy baby girl!!!

I love this shot of her cute profile and her little hand by her head. Her profile picture reminds Michael and me of Owen's. I can't wait to see what she looks like.

Here's her little foot. She was pretty still for most the ultrasound, but towards the end she started doing summersaults. So that's what I've been feeling! :)

I am 17 weeks 5 days today! I kept up with my tradition of wearing the color for the sex that Michael thinks we were having. For Owen's ultrasound I wore pink even though I totally knew he was a boy. For Jack's ultrasound Michael thought he was a boy and I swore he was a girl, but I wore blue and he was right. This time Michael was sure it was another boy and I really wasn't sure either way, but I wore blue to keep up with the theme. Can you tell I like traditions and themes?

Thank you for all your wonderful name suggestions, but we just fell in love with Ella Grace so that's our beauty's name! Tonight we had my parents over for dinner to tell them the news and this sign is how we did it. We had it covered up by another piece of paper and then we let Owen pull it down.

This was their reaction! They were so sure we were going to have another boy, but they were SO hoping for a girl. They both got teary eyed. Ella is going to be one spoiled I mean...well loved little girl.

After telling Mom and Dad I spent lots of time on the phone calling our other family and friends letting them know the good news.

When we were done eating dinner just hanging out in the kitchen chatting I noticed this was what Owen was doing. He was watching Cars....surprise, surprise!!! This news of a girl came as no surprise to him because ever since we've been talking to him about the baby he's always said that Mama's baby was a girl or a sister. He's never once said it was boy. Tonight when I asked if he knew we were having a baby girl he said, "Yeah"! He said it in this really high excited was so cute.

Here's our family of 5...that's so weird to say! I'm so excited!!! So I'm curious who was right when it came to the voting? Did you vote for a girl?


Lisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I totally love love love the name too : ) I am sure you are so happy to finally get a girl in there. How exciting!!


Furry Bottoms said...

YES! Congratulations!!!! YAy!!! At first I voted for a boy. Before hearing anything else from you. But then you talked more about your symptoms, I changed my mind to it's a girl and I've been hoping it was a girl this time. So I can't really say I knew it was a girl. Ella Grace is beautiful already!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! I voted for it to be a girl...I figured it was time to change it up! :) I love the name too...:)

Anonymous said...

I voted for a GIRL!!

Did that once about 30 years ago too. Love, Dad