Monday, September 14, 2009

The View From Here

On Wednesday after the boys and I got back from picking blackberries I pulled out a camp chair and sat in the driveway so they could play. I thought I would take pictures from a different view of our front yard/driveway.
Those are the two windows into our master bedroom.

These are ground cover flowers (I think they are called icicles) they are in the garden bed on the ride side of our property. They are so easy to just rip off a a little piece and stab it into the ground and it grows a new plant. Can't get much easier than that.

This is the not so nice looking part of the front of our house. I hate having to store the garbage/recycle/yard waste cans here, but there really isn't another place. In the winter we keep them in the garage since we only use half of it to park my van. During the summer since it gets hot they are just too stinky to keep in the garage. The way our property is laid out the only other place we'd be able to put them is all the way down the easement in the backyard and Michael has a hard enough time remembering to put the garbage out when they are sitting right in front of his van so if they were in the backyard I doubt he'd ever remember.

Here is our lovely crack in our driveway...courtesy of the tree in the background. It wasn't nearly this big when we first bought the house. Now when I back out I actually have to hit the gas so the van will go over it. I'm sure one day we'll have the driveway repaved and the tree removed so this won't happen again. I really like that tree though!

This is the "Stay out of my house you moron I have an alarm" sign. We got this last year after Michael's work van was broken into. If you'd like to see my other The View From Here posts just click on the label for photography.


Unknown said...

Sweet garbage cans. Is that the Trashmaster 5000?