Saturday, April 18, 2015

Date Night With Ella!

Thursday night of spring break was my date night with Ella. We went to Costco as well. I had to stop at the Eye Care Center to follow. Then she chose a Berry Smoothie to drink while we shopped. I just had to get a few things, but you know Costco sized stuff means you have to get a cart even if you're just getting two or three things. 

Since it was just the two of us and I wasn't in a hurry we took some time to check out the clothes. I usually never do that, but Michael is in need of some jeans. I ended up buying him a pair, but he wasn't impressed with the way they felt. He said they felt like cheap jeans. So I'll be taking those back! I found a cute pink jacket and was contemplating buying it. Ella just kept saying..."buy it". I had to figure out how much money I had left in the clothing budget. I was only $3 short. I did have my own personal money I could chip in, but I still wasn't sure. Then I heard Ella again say, "just buy it" and it occurred to me that she's me! I do the exact same thing when I go shopping with my mom. She'll find something she loves and then talk herself out of buying it while I sit there and say over and over again..."just buy it". So I decided to buy it!

Ella and I get to go out all the time by ourselves so it's more normal for her and I. We didn't go to a thrift store because we went to Lollipops earlier in the day and she got to buy a Typewriter and a Barbie horse. It was nice to have special alone time with her and she was so excited to go on a "date" with me. I love that girl!