Friday, April 17, 2015

That's A Bunch Of Bark!

It's been a while since we've ordered anything from Carpinito Brother's...we love to have dump trucks come to our house. When planning for our home improvements for the year we decided to order 10 yards of bark. The weeds just got out of hand last year...especially in the area where we had the tree cut down. We are hoping this will help with that! 

We kept putting off ordering the bark because of weather or due to our schedule being so full. It just worked out that the truck came during the middle of spring break. I'm so happy that we ordered it then because the bigger boys got to see it. They loves this kind of stuff. Who doesn't! 

We've had many many dump trucks come down the easement....seriously I didn't know how priceless this easement would be when we bought the house. 

It freaks me out every time they come down though...I'm sure they are going to take out our neighbors chimney, but those drivers sure know what they are doing! 

Raising the box up! 

Here it comes! 

The boys said...." stinks" to which I replied...."I love the smell of bark in the mornng!" 

It doesn't look like much since I'm standing on the deck, but the top of the mound came up to my neck. 

Later that afternoon I put the boys to work shoveling bark into the wheelbarrow. I had promised to help Michael do that later in the evening, but my friend Kim was coming over with her kids so I knew I wouldn't be able to. I still wanted to contribute and it was nice to have the boys helping me. 

Eventually the neighbor boys came out to help as well so I had 5 boys helping out. I loved it! 

The boys mainly filled the wheelbarrows and then I dumped the bark and spread it around. 

Jack looks totally thrilled here! The kids did great and really never complained. My how things change as they get older. 

They helped me with the bed near the driveway and then they played with the neighbor kids while I filled in the bed under our stairs in the backyard. 

Michael came home and added a little bit more since I didn't make it thick enough, but it was nice that he didn't have to do the whole thing by himself. The front bed looks so much better now. There is still a bunch more work to do! It's fun to the progress as we go though.