Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Date Night With Owen!

Over Spring Break I decided that it would be fun for me to take out each kid individually for a date night with Mama. Nothing super extravagant just a little outing just for the two of us. Recently we had Owen's feet measured and he went from a 12 to a 1. The kid never even complained about his shoes being too tight! Ga-Ga bought him a pair of Nike's, but that was the only pair of shoes he has in his size. My plan for our date night was to go to a consignment shop in Burien...Lollipops...and find him a pair of shoes. Michael gets home at 5pm so we had dinner and then we left. Unfortunately Lollipops closes at 5:30 and we weren't able to get there until a little after 6pm. Just down the road is Value Village so we went there instead. We were able to find two pairs of shoes. 1 pair of play shoes and a pair of muddy boots. Owen also brought his own money and was able to buy a Imaginext Dinosaur that moves and makes growling sounds. 

After shopping we headed over to Wendy's. We had already had dinner, but what's a date without a sweet treat! I got both Owen and I a mini frostie. 

At first I was going to sit across from Owen, but he insisted on me sitting right next to him! 

It was so fun to go out and have alone time with Owen. He is such a talker and I love that he will just talk and talk to me. He was cute he told me that he liked me and then that he loved me! He tells me he loves me all the time, but it was cute to hear him say he likes me too. A couple hours before it was time for us to go on our date his friends mentioned they might be going to the YMCA and Owen could go with them. He came to ask me and I was so sad and said, "You don't want to go out with me?" He said, "No"....and then a huge smile came across his face and he said, "Just kidding!" About broke my heart! I'm so glad that he really did want to go out with me....I know these days are short and it won't be long and he'll say "No" and he won't be kidding!