Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Sunday!

On Easter Sunday we went to church at 9:30 and then came down to my parents in Orting to celebrate with family and friends. 

We took our traditional Easter picture in front of the fireplace...not sure why we don't take it outside, this is just what we've always done. We took this right when we got there because I knew it wouldn't be long and the boys would be flinging their clothes off and Ella would be a total mess.

After eating and Zeke having a nap it was time to hide the eggs. Thankfully the showers had stopped by then.

We got the kid all ready with their grocery sacks...their Easter basket were upstairs filled with candy so they couldn't use those. L to R - Addison, Jack, Owen, Odin, Caleb, Ella, Zeke on Ga-Ga's lap in the background and Anna.

We had the kids gather on the outside step and talked with the 4 older boys about how they should look for the harder ones and let the girls and Zeke get the easy ones. They did great!

And they were off!

Run,'s chaos for about 5 minutes!

Where are the eggs!

Over here!!!

While hiding the eggs I told Christina I was going to put one up high on top of the play structure and I was sure Owen was going to get it.

And...I was right! I also put one in the mailbox that Pa has for the kids and he got that one too. I totally know that kid!

Checking out behind the play structure!

Found the one being held up by the bungie cord! Each of the kids got at least 6 eggs.

Then they gathered in the living room waiting for their Easter baskets to show up.

We told the kids to close their eyes or put their heads in their lap or on the floor. All the kids but Zeke listened really well.

They got so much candy!!!

Jelly beans, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Tootsie Rolls, Kit Kats, York Peppermint Patties, Hershey Kisses.

The girls each got a stuffed animal. Anna got a ducky.

Caleb immediately started using his jelly bean stick as a lightsaber! He's so cute!

Addison got a purple bunny.

Ella got a ton of candy and a pink bunny. 

Zeke Man is all about the sweets! 

Odin is Al & Ellen's great-grandson. It was so fun that he got to come over and celebrate with us. Jack and Odin became fast friends. 

Santa Al sitting with all the kiddos. 

The whole gang...minus Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie...they were at the Ocean celebrating with her family this year. 

Al, Ellen & Odin on the left, Norean and Jim in the back middle, Pa & Ga-Ga back right, Christina, Anna, Bill, Caleb and Addison in the very middle and Ella, Me, Michael, Zeke, Jack and Owen in the front.