Saturday, April 4, 2015

Track Meet!

Last Saturday was the boys first track meet. I didn't get to go to any of them last year so this was a new experiences for me. It was at the field for Federal Way High School and it was so fun watching all the little kids. 

This above picture shows Jack doing the Softball Toss....He's on the blue patch wearing a blue hoodie and red shoes. 

This is Owen across the field doing the long jump. He's wearing yellow pants and a lime green shirt. 

After the long jump Owen was taking across the field to get ready for his race. 

He was taking the lining up thing very seriously....a bit too seriously since his knee is actually touching the ground. 

And their off!!! 

He ran hard the only problem is he takes after his mommy in the running department. 

I was really proud of how he did run hard through the whole thing. Last year Michael said he just basically gave up halfway through. 

Here's Jack being walked over to do his race. Because of his clothes and too many adult helpers I couldn't really see him to talk a picture of his long jump. 

While we were sitting in the stands some nice people next to us gave Ella and Zeke a bag of animal crackers. Ella wasn't too interested in them, but Zeke loved them. He decided about halfway through the meet that he should lay down under my legs. Goofball! 

This cute girl is crazy...I was freezing even with my coat on and she ended up taking hers off!!! 

Me and my handsome man! 

It took a while for Jack's group to get to race, but they finally lined up. There were only 4 in his group. As you can tell he tried a different technique of getting ready to run....stick straight! 

And their off!!! 

I think he's trying to fix his hood right here! 

He ended up coming in fourth place. They didn't hand out any ribbons at this meet. They have one more and I think that's when they will hand some out. It will be fun to see them in action again!