Friday, April 24, 2015

Little Mt. Si!

Last Thursday and Friday the boys were both out of school due to Student Led Conferences. Because of this Michael thought it would be nice if he took a half day off work so we could go hiking. The weather was so gorgeous we definitely wanted to take advantage of it. 

We had been playing around with where to go....Tiger Mountain, Snake Lake. Owen wanted to climb a real mountain so we ended up choosing Little Mt. Si. I have not climbed Little Mt. Si since probably 2004 when we were up there with our friends Micah and Kim. I don't remember much about the trip except I think I lost the cover to where the batteries go on my camera...I found it on the way down and the fact that I seriously thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I was not in very good shape then...I sat at a computer for 8 hours a day! This time around I'm in such better shape....who said that homemakers sit around and do nothing all day! 

One of the main reason we choose this hike was because it would be a good indicator as to how far the bigger kids could go. It was almost 5 miles round trip and let me tell you they ROCKED IT!!! Ella was the one that needed to stop the most for a rest. She would sit on a rock or a log for a minute or two and then start again. I was so proud of them all! Even people on the trail were cheering them on. 

Zeke had the easiest day! Being lugged around in a pack is a cake walk. Although every time Michael did sit down for a minute and start breathing deeply Zeke would start mimicking if HE was doing the work! That kid!!! 

The weather was perfect...just warm enough to not need a coat on, but not hot enough to sweat you out! One thing I need to remember next time is to bring tissues. For some reason when I hike my nose becomes a faucet and starts dripping like crazy...super annoying! 

Owen kept spotting all kinds of caves...aka leaning rocks...that he just wanted to go in. We were a little freaked about that so no thank you! 

This girl is one tough chick! 

Me and my sweaty self! See those awesome pink shoes! My Aunt Linda gave me those when we were back in Wyoming for my Grandma's funeral....those pair of shoes and tons more! These shoes are simply the best! They are Merrell's and they have made working out, walking around the neighborhood and hiking so much better. I love them!!! 

And here's the view from the top! It took us about an hour and half to reach the top. Not bad really! We sat around on the top for a little bit and then headed down. A little ways from the top Owen realized he left his fleece pull over at the summit. We told him that was something he should have been responsible for. A while later I saw a lady with a boy about Owen's age so I told her when they got to the top if it was still there that she could take it for her son. About 10 minutes or so later we stopped for a rest at a creek and I reached into my back pocket to take a picture with my phone and there was NO PHONE!!!! I literally jumped around and around I was so mad at myself! When I stopped and regained my composure I asked Michael for his phone and then called mine with it. A nice lady answered and I told her she had my phone. She was still at the summit. So Michael gave Zeke to me to wear....I seriously have no idea how he carried him up that mountain...and then he headed back up. I walked the half and hour that was left of the trail with all four kids. Then I got them settled in the van with snacks and a movie while we waited for Daddy. He actually made really great time and was down way faster than I thought he would have been. Not only did he have my phone, but he also had Owen's pull over fleece. I felt so bad that he had to do that, but it was just more proof that he's the most awesome husband ever!!!