Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ella's 5th Birthday Party!

After postponing Ella's 5th Birthday party twice we were finally able to have it almost a month after her actual birthday on March 15th! 

Ella's theme was a dress up party. I had different stations set up for the girls.

Her room with the nail salon. The signs all matched the invitations I sent out, but of course I can't actually find the invitation on my computer right now.

Her vanity came in handy for painting nails.

Hair & Make-Up was set up in the upstairs bathroom.

I had made the bathroom downstairs the dressing room, but most of the girls just changed in the living room. We aren't shy here! 

I also brought up Ella's Ariel Salon so the girls could pretend they were styling each others hair if they wanted too.

At the top of the stairs were all the accessories. A container filled with purses, another one with shoes, scarves and sunglasses and then off to the side were things like hair brushes, mirrors and cellphones to put in your purse.

Before we started the actual dress up Jack was adamant that she open his present first.

While I was in Wyoming I found these actual Elsa shoes and bought them knowing that Jack wanted to get Ella something for her birthday. He paid me a couple bucks for them when I got home. He was so excited for her to open them. He also included a drawing for her with money taped to it and a picture he found of him, Ella and Owen on the first day of school. He's such a sweetheart!

In her Elsa dress with her Elsa shoes!!!

I manned the make-up station while the other ladies hopped from place to place.

Putting on pretty nail colors!

I love reflection pictures!

Doesn't Kendra make the most beautiful Belle of the ball!!!

Lilyann totally rocked her Ariel outfit and it was hilarious to watch her try to run in it!

Beautiful, precious Addison!

What a cutie Anna is!!!

Caitlynn getting her hair curled!

Kendra and Lilyann's baby sister Reagan wasn't quite big enough to get in on all the girly fun yet...maybe next year! 

After getting all beautified it was time for a photo shoot with the girls. At first I was planning on doing a fashion show for Ella's party, but the more I research it the more I felt uneasy about it. I didn't want the girls to thinking it was a competition. I also really disliked the idea of the girls posing like models.....I wanted these girls to look sweet and precious. No vixens and divas please!!! So we just put a sheet up in the garage and had each of the the girls do 3 poses. Smile, blow a kiss and hold flowers. It was so simple yet it was so fun for each of them to be in the spotlight.





Birthday Girl


Next up was cake!

 I wanted to make cupcakes for Ella's party, but she was not having it. All she wanted was a cake with sprinkles. So a cake with sprinkles she got....and a few rings pops on top to go with the theme. Of course there were enough ring pops for each kiddo to have one and I sent Christina and Kim home with some for their boys too.  

The boys were so happy that they got ring pops! 

For days after this Zeke would ask me to take a picture of his tongue! 

Present time!  

Kendra and Lily got Ella these cute Anna and Elsa dolls that have clothes that clip on. Logan has the Elsa doll so Ella knew what they were....she loves these!

She was also super stoked she got her own pack of bubble gum from them!

Because Ella's party had to be pushed back so many times I thought we should just buy her another present. I found these at WalGreen's in Gillette. They were buy 2 get 1 free so I got three of them. They are purses with three puzzles in each. Princesses, Sophia The First and Doc McStuffin's. They are super cute!

I'm not sure if Caitlynn is yawning or if she's super excited about this present. Anna and Addison got Ella girly stuff...nail polish with glitter and lip gloss!

Aunt Becky, Uncle Jon, Camryn and Samantha weren't able to come, but they got her a card with $10 in it!

Caitlynn got Ella the Barbie swimming pool to go along with her Barbie mansion and car that Ga-Ga got her for Christmas.

Ga-Ga & Pa got Ella her bed a couple months back, but Pa couldn't not bring something to her party! So she got this super soft Princess pillow...she now sleeps on it every night! He also got her a Boeing flight attendant "Barbie" and a new skirt and shirt outfit with Elsa on it.

Papa & Grandma Martin got Ella these two cool sets of "Barbies" with clothes and one with a doll with a matching outfit for Ella.

After all the planned events were over the girls just played in the garage. Everyone loves the Y Rider scooter. In fact Jack has asked for another one for his birthday this year. He wants a red one and then he's going to give the blue one to Ella. 

Most of the girls were over by Ella's Barbie Jeep. Christina and I reminisced about Ella's 3rd Birthday party when she got this Jeep and Anna and Addison totally took it over before she could even get in it. It was one of the funniest things! As you can see Ella is sitting in the passenger side...she isn't really big on driving her Jeep around...she likes to be chauffeured!

Thank you to all the friends and family that came to celebrate Ella's belated Birthday!