Thursday, April 16, 2015

Date Night With Jack!

Tuesday night of spring break was Jack's turn to go out with me. I needed to go to Costco so that's where we headed. I was going to buy a couple things, but then found out that the coupon book didn't start until the following day. Oops! We did stop in for a little bit at the Eye Care Center...more on that in another post. Then we went to get a treat. I gave Jack the choice between the Vanilla and Chocolate or the Very Berry Sundae. He chose the berries. He loves Strawberries! 

We sat down...he was okay with me sitting across from him. I asked him if he thought we could finish it and he was pretty sure he could all by himself. 

I did get to help a little though! ;) 

We almost finished it, but not was huge! After our treat we went to The Goodwill in Federal Way so we could find him a toy, but no such luck. So we drove to The Goodwill in Des Moines and he found two for him and one for Owen. I love his giving heart! Jackson is the opposite of Owen he isn't really a talker you have to dig to get info out of him. So I started asking him open ended questions to get him to talk. I found out that when he grows up he wants to be an inventor, construction worker or a policeman. I love this cute boy! It's so hard to believe that he's going to a 7 in less that 2 months!