Saturday, June 6, 2015

Everything Is Awesome...When You Turn 7 & 3!

For Jack's 7th birthday party I had always planned on doing a LEGO party, but for Zeke 3rd I was going to do a Toy Story party. Then plans changed a bit since Ga-Ga and Pa would be on vacation when I had scheduled Jack's party. Of course that was not gonna fly...he was in tears people! Second plan was to have two birthday parties in May one week apart so they could each have their own special day. Thank God that plan got thrown out the window!!!! Instead we decided to do our first ever double birthday party. Jack and Zeke are such good buddies that this worked really was crazy, insane and exhausting, but super fun! 

Let me start off by saying it would not be possible for me to make any of the parties I throw a success if I did not have the My Memories program on my computer, Pinterest or access to the King County Library. No I was not paid for saying those things. It's true...I would be lost!

I designed the card using my My Memories program. You can't tell, but the yellow has little circles so it looks like a big flat LEGO. I thought it would be fun to include their ages since all LEGO sets have an age range on them. Of course the card was bigger, but I really didn't want our address on the WWW. 

At first my thought was just to have generic LEGO theme, but the more I planned I realized we just had to go all out and make it The LEGO movie theme. Emmett welcomed everyone at the door....the 'W' in Welcome must have gotten a bit rubbed off the screen door! :) 

I used my My Memories program to make all the paper crafts and decorations. I downloaded a LEGO font for free. 

I searched Pinterest and got tons of ideas for the party, but this one is all me. It's seriously an original idea! I decided to make each of the kids their own instruction manual. If you have not yet seen The LEGO movie you need to rush out buy it and thank me later. It is AWESOME!!! Some fun details about the instruction book...I gave it a serial number like all LEGO sets have. I used both Jack and Zeke's birth dates so the number is 65522 since Jack was born on June 5th and Zeke on May 22nd. Also the fine print on all LEGO sets say, "Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. On mine the fine print says, "Warning: Excessive fun may be had by following these instruction. Only suitable for ages 1-100!"

Step One: Say Hi to the birthday boys! 

Hi Jack! 

Hi Zeke! 

Oh you might be wondering why he looks like he was drug behind a horse....he decided the night before his party to try to go down the easement on Jack's scooter and he ate the pavement. It looks awful, but thankfully other than a few scrapes on his face and another chip in his...praise the teeth, he's doing grand! Another plus is he's already had his yearly birthday pictures! 

Here's the table set up for the party. 

The kids helped me make these fun holders for all the paper/plastic products. I did find this on Pinterest. 

I had fun designing the sign...Jack was quite upset with the color yellow...he wanted red! 

Step Two: Enjoy yummy food! 

Again if you haven't seen the movie you have too. There a scene where some of Emmett's co-workers are asking if people want to go out and get food such as chicken wings, croissants and giant sausages. We had everything except the giant sausages. I did buy mini tacos though since Taco Tuesday is a big thing in the movie. We also had Vitruvious' Staff which of course were a bunch of suckers for the kids. 

Most of the kiddos hung out and ate in the garage. L - R: Anna, Josiah, Miss Kim, Caitlynn and Addison. 

Two of Jack's school friends came...Triona is on the front right and Jean is in the back right. Also Hansi from church came...he's in the left middle. In the front on the left is Caleb showing off his Cheeto and then Jack is between his school friends. 

Here's the all girl table. L - R: Lilyann, Reagan, Michael Leigh (Miss Rachael's cousin), Ella and Kendra. 

Step Three: Drink under-priced punch! 

Here is the under-priced punch as opposed to the over-priced coffee in the movie...AWESOME!!! 

I had printed out a bunch of minifigures from the movie. In dining room were some of the main characters. Vitruvious, WyldStyle...yes Wyldstyle and Benny! 

By the presents I put Batman with his dudes...Han Solo and C3PO. You know he needs to feel like he can party with a bunch of dudes! Just see the movie! 

I had found printables online so the kids could design there own minifigures. 

They did such a great job! Most of them even folllowed what the paper said to draw. Jean drew a Werewolf...he colored it half man and half werewolf. I thought that was genius! Donald colored his to look like an alien and he even drew a flying saucer next to it. Jack did the best cowboy....just like Woody. Andrew made his an Iron Man doctor with flames coming out of the feet and everything. Caleb made a mysterious superhero...that's why his face is black. Hansi's said Angel, but he crossed it out and made a cowboy instead. Josiah colored his explorer Seahawks colors...LOVE IT! 

Love this birthday boy! 

Step Four: Build something Wild! 

Some of the Master Builders were assembled in this area....some of you might laugh at the fact that I put Superman and Green Lantern beside each other! Quote from the movie..."I super hate you!" 

We laid a few blankets down, went over some master builder rules and then let the kids get to building. 

I think they had a little over 15 minutes to build and overall it went really well. 

Here are all the creations lined up. Dang back lighting! I numbered them and then put the kiddos name on the backside of the paper. Miss Norean was the judge since she does have any kids so she's not bias. 

#1 ended up winning. Andrew designed that awesome boat on the left with motorcycles on the side. I didn't noticed until after the party that the blue and while piece flips open showing you the guys sitting inside. He's seriously so creative! All the kids did really good....probably better than me. I'm just like Emmett I need instructions! 

For his Master Builder skills Andrew won the LEGO set that was Emmett's wild idea in the movie...the double decker couch! 

Step Five: Find the Kragle and defeat President Business. 

I gave the kids one clue and let them know that the Kragle was on the first floor. I was thinking I would have to give them a second clue and tell them in was in the room where President Business' picture was, but I didn't have too. 

Camryn found the Kragle...AKA Krazy Glue. I had hidden it under the coffee table. Our coffee table has slats under the top so we were able to slide it in there. I was sure a little person would find it since they are the ones usually rolling around on the floor. 

She won the LEGO set of Emmett getting the Piece of Resistance AKA the cap to the Krazy Glue removed from his back by a laser. 

After that it was present time! 

Since Jack had friends there we decided to have him open his first, then do cake and then have Zeke open his. That way Jack's friends could leave after cake and it would be a little less crazy for Zeke's portion of the party. 

Since there were so many people we just decided to do presents in the garage this time. It's always crazy when we try to open them in the living room. 

LEGO set - Super Heroes Captain America vs. Hydra. I think Triona gave him that set!?!?!

LEGO set - Ninjago Ninja Charger. This was from the clearance rack at Wal-Mart! 

LEGO set - Super Heroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. I think this one was from Andrew & Josiah!?!?!

Spot It Game...can't wait to play it. This was from the Kuch Klan! 

LEGO sets - 3 Emerald Express sets so Jack can make the whole train! Mr Jim and Miss Norean got this! 

LEGO set - Ninjago ElectroMech. This was from the neighbor boys! 

Jack's present from the neighbor boys also included Zeke's present. He got the blue McQueen that goes in the water. 

LEGO set - Star Wars General Grievous' Wheel Bike. I think this one was from was seriously crazy!

Super cool remote control car that does tricks. Miss Rachael and the girls got this. 

Playskool Jedi Force - Freeco Bike with Obi-Wan. Uncle Ry & Aunt Stephie got this toy. It's been on Jack's list for months! 

Adventure Wheels Motorcycle and he also got a Power Ranger Toy. These were from his school friend Jean. 

New RED Y Glider! 

Black Bear from The Black Bear Diner!

New Bomber Jacket! The last three were all from Ga-Ga & Pa! 

Jack also got a gift card to Wal-Mart from Papa & Grandma Martin and $10 from Uncle Jon & Aunt Bekcy and $7 in his card from Ga-Ga & Pa! 

Time for cake! 

Let me start by saying I did not like any of the LEGO cakes I found on Pinterest. They were just not appealing! So I kind of took various ideas and put them together into my own thing. 

It started out like this....I saw a video on FB for how to make an easy ice cream cake in 5 minutes. Well they only used 9 ice cream sandwiches. I used....36!!! It took me over an hour to make simply because I kept having to put it back in the freezer so it wouldn't melt! After putting one layer of sandwiches down I put chocolate sauce on them and then another layer of sandwiches and then caramel sauce and then another layer of sandwiches.  

Then came the Cool Whip frosting. I wasn't sure how Cool Whip would do once I added food coloring. I thought it might make it too runny, but it was great! 

I frosted them in stages so it looked like individual LEGO's pieced together. The bumps are OREO's covered with Cool Whip. The candy is this LEGO candy I found online. It was fun and delicious and took less time for us to devour it than it took to make it. 

The two birthday boys! 

They are so cute! 

Zeke with his Pa! 

Uncle Ry, Miss Norean, Papa & Grandma Martin! 

I think I was in the middle of cleaning my teeth when Pa took this picture. Oh's a nice shot of Christina, Stephie and Ga-Ga! 

After cake Jack's two school friends and one church friend left and then it was time for Zeke to open presents! Up until this point Zeke had been a clingy mess. I don't think he enjoys crowds so he just sort of shuts down a bit. Thankfully by this time he had come out of his shell a bit! 

His face looks awful! 

Even though I told Hansi's mom that they did not have to buy Zeke anything they still did. They got him two Dinosaurs from Jurassic World. 

We got Zeke this cool Crayola drawing board that lights up and does cool things. He loves to color, but he's always leaving the lids off the markers. This is like an electronic dry eraser board so we'll see how he likes it. 

LEGO set - City Dune Buggy Trailer. I think this was from Andrew & Josiah. 

The cool water gun in the background was from the Kuch Klan. The Duplo Planes set he's looking at was from Uncle Ry and Aunt Stephie. 

Duplo Set - Animals is from Mr Jim and Miss Norean. 

Zeke also got Wal-Mart gift card from Papa & Grandma Martin, $10 from Uncle Jon and Aunt Becky and $3 in his card from Ga-Ga & Pa. 

The finale of course was his BIG present. When the kids turn 3 (except for Jack he was 2) Pa gets each of them their own Power Wheels. Pa was quite happy to hear that Zeke has finally taken a liking to them after wanting nothing to do with them so this came at the perfect time. 

This particular Power Wheels was so huge Uncle Ry had to come get it with his truck from Ga-Ga & Pa's. 

With all the other Power Wheels we've brought them in the house, but with this one we just decided to leave in outside. It is massive! It was so bright outside I wasn't sure if Zeke would even want to look up from my shoulder, but he got interested right away! 

Check it out buddy! 

Uncle Ry was so sweet and helped him unwrap his present. 

Ga-Ga & Pa have always covered the kids Power Wheels in a new set of sheets so that's another present on top of the cool toy! 

I love his cute body language! He is stoked! 

Ready to go truckin'! At first he called it a Jeep because of Ella's Barbie Jeep, but now he calls it his monster truck! 

This thing is amazing! It has a key to start it up, it has a radio, the lights on top of the windshield light up and so do the roll bar lights. The doors open and so does the tailgate and the back lifts up like a dump truck. It's awesome! 

Jack took Zeke for a ride in the street! 

Happy boys. One of the coolest things is what Josiah is checking out it's the charging port. Instead of having to take the huge, heavy battery out I can just plug the truck right in. It's seriously an electric car! 

So much fun! Pa simply outdid himself! 

We had fun hanging outside watching the kids play in the street! 

Ga-Ga with the big birthday boy! 

Owen wasn't feeling the best so since Sunday is an electronic day he played on the Kindle a bunch. We also had The LEGO movie playing in the living room so the kids could enjoy that. 

Ella was off playing with her girlfriends so I barely saw her at all. 

Jack and Caleb...such handsome dudes! 

And since it was a LEGO party we had to set up all the LEGO sets. 

Talk about hours of fun ahead for us!

Here were the little goodie bags I made for each kiddo when they left. It says...Thanks for coming we hope you had a GOOD time!!!

Yes...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!