Friday, June 26, 2015

So Many LEGO Sets!!!

Jackson and Zeke totally scored at their birthday parties. I mean if you want LEGO's for your kids have a LEGO party. The amazing thing was they didn't get any duplicate sets! Crazy!!! We had lots of fun putting together one set a night and it was almost a weeks worth of fun! 

Here was Zeke's set from Andrew and Josiah. Of course I did this for him...he didn't help at all, but he's had fun playing with it.

Here is Jack's Ninjago set with Jay from the neighbor boys. This one has moving parts and shoots LEGO's out. Jack built this almost all by himself! I do still have to sit with him and walk him through the instructions. I love this time with him though and he gets very possessive of his time with me. If one of the other kids come in the dining room while we are working he tells them to leave because it's Mommy/Jack time!

Jack wanted a picture taken with the set, but for some reason every smile he gave me he looked like he was in pain! Cute kid!

The next night we put together his other Ninjago set with Kai from us. It came with the car and the bad guy riding on the saw blade.

This car is awesome! The hood lifts up and Kai's motorcycle can shoot out. It's alot like the new Batmobile from the Dark Knight movies. Jack helped build the bad guy and Kai's motorcycle, but then I got to build the car since he was tired.

The next day Jack let me build his train set for Zeke. Zeke had really wanted to play with it. It's such a cool set!

This Star Wars set is amazing. I have never seen a LEGO set so interesting. The whole wheel thing was quite cool. The things they can come up with in regards to how to use LEGO's is crazy!

The next set we built was his Green Lantern set and I think hands down this is the coolest spaceship ever! First off it's just so cool looking and second the shooter things are so rad. They really shoot out of the ship pretty hard too. No wonder whenever you are putting the shooting parts together they have a picture of someone being shot in the eye with a line crossed through it. You'll poke your eye out kid!!!!

The last set was his Captain America set with a tank for the bad guy. Captain America has a motorcycle of course.

Since putting all these new sets together we've been slowly trying to find all the pieces for other sets we have that have since been taken apart. So far we've put together Owen's Creator set that can make a race car, jet or a robot....we built it into the jet. I've also put together some of the Harry Potter Lego set we got at a garage sale years ago. It's so much fun finding the pieces and building them, however, I think that when you put your hands in a bucket of Lego's time fast forwards! Seriously what feels like minutes turns into hours!!! It's the craziest thing!

Jack also got some money for his birthday so he pooled that and his gift cards together and bought himself a Mega Blok set. I tried to convince him to buy an actual LEGO set, but he was so sure on this Mega Blok set.

I've thoroughly had so much fun putting these together with Jack and Zeke. There is a new LEGO store opening at the Southcenter Mall in July and I can't wait to go down there and check it out. I'm thinking we might have to get each of the kids a little something to celebrate.