Sunday, July 19, 2015

15 Minute Donut Recipe!

The night prior to Michael's birthday I made him his birthday cake, but I also wanted to make him something fun for breakfast. He doesn't have time for me to make him something all fancy for breakfast so it had to be something I could make ahead of time and he could enjoy quickly the next morning. 

A couple weeks ago I saw this video on Facebook for making donuts in 15 minutes using those canned biscuits. The video didn't actually have any I followed the link to Pinterest so I would know what ingredients I needed to use. In the recipe she used the Grands biscuits that have 8 in each can. I didn't have those ones I only had the Country Style ones that have 10 in each pack. I figured it would be fine and we would just have mini donuts! 

While the oil for the donuts was heating up I made the maple glaze for the donuts. Oh my word....perfection!!! 

Once the oil was hot enough it was time to fry! I could only do 2 at a time so I did 10 sessions of frying up donuts. 

They really puffed up even though I stretched them out to make them flat and oval in shape. 

After they cooled I dipped them in the glaze and let them rest on the cooling rack. 

This is Owen's face when he found out I was make donuts and we would get to have one for a bedtime snack! 

All 20 mini donuts done and waiting to be eaten. 

Ella was the lucky one who got to lick the maple glaze out of the pan! Of course my phone was about to die when we actually enjoyed them so I didn't get pictures. They were great! The first bite didn't taste quite right, but after that they tasted just fine. Michael thinks it has to do with the oil. I only had vegetable oil, but the recipe called for canola oil. I'm going to buy some and try them again. Jack took one bite and said they were digusting...that kid is nuts. Owen ate part of his and then gave it to Ella and Zeke ate most of his. Other than the oil tasting different Michael really liked them too. For them being so super easy to make they were a total success!